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National Institute on Drug Abuse -  NIDA NOTES
Volume 13, Number 4 (November, 1998) (November, 1998)

Films and TV Programs Recognized for Outstanding Portrayals of Drug Abuse

By Sharon Cargo, NIDA NOTES Contributing Writer

More than 50 feature films and television programs have received PRISM Awards this year in recognition of outstanding and scientifically accurate portrayals of drug, alcohol, and tobacco abuse and addiction. NIDA sponsors the awards in partnership with the Entertainment Industries Council (EIC) and The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

At the PRISM Awards ceremony in Hollywood, feature film winner Vondie Curtis-Hall, center, is joined by NIDA Director Dr. Alan I. Leshner, left, and NIDA Associate Director Dr. Timothy P. Condon.


"Various media often are criticized for glamorizing drugs and other commonly abused substances, but the PRISM Awards give us an opportunity to highlight productions that accurately portray the real-life consequences of drug abuse," said NIDA Director Dr. Alan I. Leshner at the second annual PRISM Awards ceremony held in Hollywood, California, this spring.

Among the productions honored were the feature film "Gridlock'd," the two television series "Hang Time" and "Party of Five," and the television movie "The Accident." Stan Lee, chair of Marvel Studios and Marvel Comics, and actress Michele Lee both received special Larry Stewart Leadership and Inspiration Awards.


From left, actors Mariette Hartley, Ed Asner, and Michele Lee were among approximately 300 attendees at the PRISM Awards ceremony. Ms. Lee received a Larry Stewart Leadership and Inspiration Award.

NIDA has been working with EIC for more than a decade to educate entertainment industry professionals about the personal and social impact of drug abuse and addiction. The Institute recently supported EIC's publication of a special edition of Spotlight on Depiction of Health and Social Issues that focuses on drug abuse. Spotlight is a reference book to help writers, producers, and other entertainment industry professionals create realistic and scientifically accurate stories and programs about drug abuse and addiction.

NIDA NOTES - Volume 13, Number 4

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