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National Institute on Drug Abuse -  NIDA NOTES
Volume 10, Number 6
November/December 1995

Audiotapes from NIDA's Conference on Marijuana Use

July 19-20, 1995 -- Arlington, Virginia

General Sessions

  • GS1 Keynote Addresses: The Department's Marijuana Prevention Initiative; Marijuana Use and the National Drug Control Strategy

  • GS2 Changing Trends, Patterns, and Nature of Marijuana Use; National Marijuana Media Campaign

  • GS3 Marijuana: What It Is and What It Does; Effects of Marijuana on the Brain, Endocrine System, and Immune System

  • GS4 Consequences of Marijuana Use

  • GS5 Antecedents to Marijuana Use and Familial Transmission

  • GS6 The Natural History of Marijuana Use: From Initiation to Dependence

  • GS7 Preventing Marijuana Use

  • GS8 Treatment Strategies for Marijuana Use: Adults and Adolescents

  • GS9 Relationship Between Marijuana Use and the Use of Other Drugs, and Other Antisocial Problem Behaviors

  • GS10 Behavioral Effects: Motivation, Cognition, Intellectual Performance

  • GS11 Laboratory Studies of Marijuana Effects on Human Motivation and Aggression

  • GS12 Closing Plenary Session

Concurrent Sessions

  • 01 Questions and Answers About Marijuana: Patterns of Use, What It Is, Effects and Consequences

  • 03 Community Prevention Strategies

  • 04 Perinatal and Developmental Effects of Marijuana

  • 06 Science of Marijuana Testing

  • 07 Adolescent Females: Marijuana, Sexuality, and Risks

  • 08 Questions and Answers About Marijuana: Prevention and Treatment

  • 09 Parents and Family: Dealing with Marijuana Use Among Youth

  • 10 Innovative Treatment Approaches for Juveniles in the Juvenile Justice System with a History of Marijuana Abuse

  • 11 Communicating About Marijuana Use Prevention, Creating New Networks, and Changing Norms

  • 12 Adult Chronic Marijuana Dependence: Assessment and Treatment

  • 13 Marijuana Use: Prevention in the Schools

  • 14 Public Perceptions of Marijuana: Knowledge, Attitudes, and Norms

Cost of tapes = $12 each

To order, call: 1-800-338-2111

(VISA and MasterCard orders only) Or mail completed order form to:

Audio Transcripts, Ltd.
Suite 220, 335 South Patrick Street
Alexandria, VA 22314.

If you phone in your order, please refer to Conference No. 1070-95. Please make your selections from the list above. Shipping charges are $2 for the first audiotape and $1 for each additional tape up to a maximum of $15. Order 12 tapes and receive a 10% discount and a free storage album. Make checks payable to Audio Transcripts, Ltd.

From NIDA NOTES, November/December, 1995

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