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National Institute on Drug Abuse -  NIDA NOTES
Volume 10, Number 4
July/August 1995

How to Order NIDA's Research Dissemination and Application (RDA) Videos

NIDA has produced 11 research dissemination and application (RDA) videos for drug abuse treatment counselors that dramatize treatment approaches and techniques based on recent research findings. An article on the three most recently released videos is available in this issue. Each of the 20-minute information-dissemination videos also offers viewers the opportunity to earn continuing education credits by filling out a knowledge and competency questionnaire.

For complete information about receiving continuing education credits by watching these videotapes or to order questionnaires, contact CEUs At Leisure(TM), P.O. Box 370004, San Diego, CA 92137-0004, (619) 222-1879, fax: (619) 222-4211.

Following are brief descriptions of the 11 videotapes.

Relapse Prevention (1991)-NCADI Stock #VHS37
Explores the changing focus on relapse as a part of the drug abuse treatment process.
Assessment (1991)-NCADI Stock #VHS38
This video shows how to use a number of adult and adolescent diagnostic tools to identify problem areas, initiate and guide treatment decisions, and measure change and accomplishments during treatment.

Treatment Issues for Women (1991)-NCADI Stock #VHS39
This video will assist treatment counselors who often must help women explore their relationships with their children, with men, and with other women; work on emotional development; meet educational needs; and develop coping skills.
Adolescent Treatment Approaches (1991)-NCADI Stock #VHS40
Stresses the importance of understanding the specific needs that accompany adolescents' development as the key to success in treatment.

Drug Abuse and the Brain (1993)-NCADI Stock #VHS57
This video looks at the biological basis of drug addiction. Uses creative graphics and animation to help drug abuse counselors and a wide range of audiences understand complex concepts.

Dual Diagnosis (1993)-NCADI Stock #VHS58
This video focuses on the problem of mental illness in drug-abusing and drug-addicted populations and examines approaches useful for treating dually diagnosed clients.

Methadone: Where We Are (1993)-NCADI Stock #VHS59
This video examines many issues in the use and effectiveness of methadone as a treatment tool, such as dosing, biological effects, role of counseling, and patient concerns.

Coming Together on Prevention (1994)-NCADI Stock #VHS66
Presents three prevention models based on NIDA-sponsored research: a school-based, a family-based, and a multifaceted community-based model.
Drug Abuse Treatment in Prison (1994)-NCADI Stock #VHS72
Portrays two comprehensive drug abuse treatment approaches that have been effective with men and women in State and Federal prisons.

LAAM: Another Option for Maintenance Treatment of Opiate Addiction (1995)-NCADI Stock #VHS73
Shows how LAAM can be used to meet the opiate treatment needs of individual clients from provider and patient perspectives. Compares and contrasts LAAM with methadone.

Drug Abuse and HIV: Reaching Those at Risk (1995)-NCADI Stock #VHS74
Shows how three intervention models educate out-of-treatment injecting drug users about AIDS, about the behaviors that transmit the disease, and about strategies that reduce the risk of contracting AIDS. Focuses primarily on an indigenous leader community outreach model.
From NIDA NOTES, July/August, 1995
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