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The Economic Costs of Alcohol and Drug Abuse in the United States - 1992

Table 6.2

Total Costs of Alcohol and Drug Abuse-Specific and Related Crime, 1992 (millions of dollars)

Cost Total Alcohol Drug
Value of Goods and Services

Criminal Justice System

Police protection $6,191 $1,547 $4,644
Legal and adjudication $1,701 $491 $1,210
State and Federal correction $8,483 $1,790 $6,693
Local correction $3,517 $2,326 $1,191
Total, Criminal Justice System $19,892 $6,154 $13,738
Federal Drug Traffic Control $3,753 $62 $3,691
Total, Public Expenditures $23,645 $6,216 $17,429
Private legal defense $416 $68 $348
Economic costs to victims
[Medical expenses for victims of violent crimes, counted elsewhere]
[$505] [$400] [$105]
Property damage $221 $28 $193
Non-Government Expenditures $637 $96 $541
Subtotal, Medical Not Included1 $24,282 $6,312 $17,970
Lost Productivity (Earnings)2
Victims of crime $3,071 $1,012 $2,059
Incarceration $23,356 $5,449 $17,907
Crime careers $19,198


Subtotal $45,625 $6,461 $39,164
TOTAL $69,907 $12,773 $57,134

Source: Analysis by The Lewin Group.
Note: Components may not sum to totals because of rounding. Other costs resulting from alcohol- and drug-related crime (e.g., health care costs, losses from homicides) are estimated and reported elsewhere in this report.
1Medical expenses from violent crimes are included in chapter 4 as a health consequence of alcohol and drug abuse.
2Estimation of crime-related lost productivity attributed to alcohol and drug abuse is described in chapter 5, section 5.6.

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