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The Economic Costs of Alcohol and Drug Abuse in the United States - 1992

Table 5.4

Number of Deaths Attributable to Drug Abuse, 1992

Cause ICD-9 Code Estimate This Study, 1992 Data Estimate Rice et al. (1990), 1985 Data
Drug psychoses 292 13 11
Drug dependence 304 309 1,165
Nondependent abuse of drugs 305.2-305.9 777 524
Polyneuropathy due to drugs 357.0 0 0

Newborn affected by maternal transmission of narcotics and hallucinogens via placenta or breast milk



NA 0
Drug withdrawal syndrome in newborn 779.5 6 1

Accidental poisoning by drugs, medicaments, and biologicals

E850-858 (Rice et al. [1990] includes 859) 5,951 3,552

Agricultural and horticultural chemical and pharmaceutical preparations other than plant foods and fertilizers

E863 18 0

Heroin, methadone, other opiates and related narcotics, and other drugs causing adverse effects in therapeutic use

E935.0-E935.2, E937-E940 27 33

Injury undetermined whether accidentally or purposely inflicted from poisoning by drugs, medicaments, and other

E980 1,464 832

Homicide and injury purposely inflicted by other persons (age > 15)

E960-E969 2,514 0
Tuberculosis 010-018 77 0
Hepatitis C various 900 0
Hepatitis B various 2,700 0
AIDS various 10,737 1,336
TOTAL 25,493 7,454

Sources: Attribution factors: Gottshalk et al. (1977); analysis by The Lewin Group.
Note: The 760.7 diagnosis contains several factors in addition to narcotic and hallucinogen drugs. There were 69 deaths under this diagnosis in 1992, but the five-digit cause of death values were not available. Number of deaths derived from the National Center for Health Statistics (1996b) (mortality by cause for 1992).

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