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National Institute on Drug Abuse

Director's Report to the National Advisory Council on Drug Abuse

September, 1997

Program Activities

Program Announcements/RFAs

Discovery of Novel Pharmacotherapies for Cocaine Dependence RFA

NIDA's Medications Development Division issued an RFA (DA 97-003) entitled "Discovery of Novel Pharmacotherapies for Cocaine Dependence". Twenty-seven (27) applications were reviewed, and it is anticipated that eight (8) will be funded. Three approved applicants are new to the field (no prior NIDA grants) and one applicant is just finishing an R29 (FIRST) award.

Sex and Gender-Related Differences in Pain and Analgesic Response RFA

NIDA will participate in an RFA entitled, "Sex and Gender-Related Differences in Pain and Analgesic Response," RFA No. DE-97-003, P.T. 34, issued in the NIH Guide, volume 26, number 23 on July 18, 1997. Other participants are the National Institute of Dental Research (NIDR), the National Institute of Nursing Research (NINR), and the National Institutes of Health's (NIH) Office of Research on Women's Health (ORWH). This RFA encourages research in sex- or gender- related differences in pain and analgesic response and mechanisms underlying these differences to facilitate targeted, effective, safe treatments for men and women.

B/START-NIDA: Behavioral Science Track Awards for Rapid Transition

(NIH GUIDE March 21, 1997; #PAR-97-046) This announcement has been re-issued as a Program announcement. Newly independent investigators are invited to submit applications for small-scale, exploratory (i.e., pilot) research projects related to NIDA's behavioral sciences mission. B/START-NIDA provides rapid review and funding decisions of applications. Research applications are encouraged across a wide variety of behavioral factors in drug abuse, including neurocognitive, cognitive and perceptual processes, psychosocial, and more broadly motivational, social and community factors in drug abuse. HIV/AIDS applications are especially encouraged. In FY 98 and beyond, there will be two receipt dates per fiscal year: October 1 and February 1.

Other Program Activities

Dissemination of Prevention Research

The NIDA 1998 SBIR Contract Concepts for the first time include a call for proposals to examine mechanisms used to transfer research-based drug abuse prevention information to practitioners, policy makers, and the public. It is anticipated that two contracts will be awarded to examine stages of diffusion. The purpose of this work is to increase the capacity of the research field to disseminate findings in an effective and efficient manner.

Buprenorphine and Buprenorphine/Naloxone Efficacy Trial

The Data Safety Monitoring Board for the Department of Veterans Affairs Cooperative Studies Program reviewed the NIDA Medications Development Division sponsored study (CSP #1008, "A Multicenter Efficacy/Safety Trial of Buprenorphine/Naloxone for the Treatment of Opiate Dependence"). The Board met on June 24, 1997 to review trial data and again on July 17, 1997 to review updated data. On both occasions the Board agreed that the efficacy portion of the study had proven that both buprenorphine alone and the buprenorphine/naloxone combination arms of the trial had conclusively demonstrated that these products were superior to placebo. The differences between these treatment groups on both primary outcomes measures were highly significant (p<0.001) and the likelihood of determining no difference if allowed to go to completion was remote (p<0.005). Therefore, the Board recommended that the efficacy portion of the trial be terminated and that the transfer of current patients to the safety trial be conducted as quickly, efficiently and orderly as possible. This transfer has been completed. Recruitment of patients to the safety trial is continuing, but is expected to be completed by the end of September 1997. The safety portion of the trial will continue for one year.

NIDA/ALGOS Pharmaceutical Company CRADA

A Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) between NIDA and ALGOS Pharmaceutical Company was approved on June 17, 1997. This CRADA will investigate the safety and efficacy of the addition of the low affinity NMDA receptor antagonist, dextromethorphan (DM), to methadone in the treatment of withdrawal and relapse associated with opiate addiction. Initial studies have begun at the Philadelphia VA MDRU.

NIDA'S New/Competing Awards Since May 1997

Aldrich, Jane V. --- University of Maryland-Dept. of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dynorphin Analogs as Kappa Opioid Receptor Antagonists

Allen, Richard G. --- Oregon Health Sciences University
Regulation of Prepro-orphanin Fq (Ofq)-derived Peptides

Ataabadi, Ali N. --- Affiliated Systems Corporation
Cocaine Use, Psychosocial Factors, & AIDS Risk Behaviors

Barnea, Ayalla --- University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
HIV and Cocaine Interactions in the Developing Brain

Barr, Gordon A. --- Research Foundation for Mental Hygiene Inc.
Development and Plasticity of Opiate Withdrawal

Bentler, Peter M. --- University of California-Dept. of Psychology
Collaborative Research on Drug Abuse

Bornheim, Lester M.--- University of California-Dept. of Pharmacology
Cannabidiol: Effect on Cytochrome P 450 Isozymes

Botvin, Gilbert J. --- Cornell University Medical College-Dept. of Public Health
Multi-ethnic Drug Abuse Prevention among New York Youth

Butler, Stephen F. --- Innovative Training Systems
Computer-based Vocational Intervention for CD Clients

Carey, Kate B. --- Syracuse University
Enhancing Readiness to Change in Schizophrenics

Chang, Jing-Yu --- Bowman Gray School of Medicine
Electrophysiology of Cannabinoid Action on Rat Behaviors

Chavez, Ernest L. --- Colorado State University
Mexican-American Dropouts & Drug Use

Chou, Chih-Ping --- University of Southern California-Dept. of Preventive Medicine
The Random-Effect Models for Substance Abuse Research

Crowley, Thomas J. --- University of Colorado Health Sciences Center
Antisocial Drug Dependence: Genetics and Treatment

Crystal, Stephen --- Rutgers University-Institute for Health
Health Care Use Patterns among Drug Users with HIV/AIDS

Cunningham, Kathryn A. --- University of Texas Medical Branch
FASEB Summer Research Conference: Drug Abuse

D'Aunno, Thomas A. --- University of Chicago-School of Social Services Admin.
The Role of Managed Care Organizations in Drug Treatment

Davis, Thomas P. --- University of Arizona-Dept. of Pharmacology
Blood to CNS Uptake of Opioid Peptide Drugs

Dawes, Michael A. --- University of Pittsburgh Medical Center-Dept. Of Psychiatry
Drug Use Liability During Pubertal Development

Deleo, Joyce A. --- Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
Alternatives to Opioids for Chronic Pain: Part II

Dey, Sudhansu K. --- University of Kansas Medical Center-Dept.of Physiology
Effects of Marijuana on Early Pregnancy

Drucker, Ernest --- Montefiore Medical Center
Office-Based Methadone Prescribing

Dunlap, Eloise --- National Development & Research Institute
Co-occurring Drugs & Violence in Distressed Households

Eissenberg, Thomas E. --- Virginia Commonwealth Univ.-Center for Drug & Alcohol Studies
Drug Craving: Pharmacologic and Associative Influences

El-bassel, Nabila --- Columbia University-School of Social Work
Partner Abuse: Minority Women on Methadone

Eldefrawi, Mohyee E. --- University of Maryland-School of Medicine-Pharm and Exp. Ther.
Biosensors of Cocaine and Heroin Abuse

Eldridge, Gloria D. --- Jackson State University
HIV Risk Reduction for Women in Drug Treatment

Ellis, Alicja I. --- Essex Consulting, Inc.
Information System for Substance Abuse Practitioners

Fenaughty, Andrea M. --- University of Alaska
Women, Drugs and Condoms: Ecologies of Risk

Fendrich, Michael --- University of Illinois-Dept of Psychiatry
Secondary Analysis of Substance Use Reporting

Ferguson, David M. --- University of Minnesota-Dept. of Medicinal Chemistry
Modeling Opioid Receptor Structure and Function

Freedman, Jonathan E. --- Northeastern University-Dept. of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Opioid Modulated Ion Channels in Limbic Forebrain

George, Frank R. --- Amethyst Technologies, Inc.
Science Education: Neurobiology for Practitioners

Gibb, James W. --- University of Utah-Dept. of Pharmacology/Toxicology
Neurochemical Alterations by Designer Drugs

Glowa, John R. --- Louisiana State Medical Center
Mechanisms of Inhalant Abuse

Goodman, Allen C. --- Wayne State University
Comorbidities, Time to Treatment, and Episode Costs

Gorman, E. Michael --- University of Washington
HIV, Drugs, Sexual Risk in DUMSM: A Community Study

Greenwald, Mark K. --- Wayne State Univ.-Dept. of Psychology & Behavioral Neuroscience
Behavioral Studies with Methadone Clients

Griffiths, Roland R. --- Johns Hopkins University-Bayview Medical Center
Experimental Analysis of Sedative/Stimulant Abuse

Guttmacher, Sally J. --- New York University-Dept. of Health Studies
Capturing High-Risk Students in Classroom-Based Surveys

Gu, Howard H. --- Yale University School of Medicine-Dept. of Pharmacology
Functions of Biogenic Amine Transporters

Hanson, Glen R. --- University of Utah-Dept. of Pharmacology & Toxicology
Drug Abuse and Regulatory Enzymes of Biogenic Amines

Harper, Gary W. --- Depaul University-Dept. of Psychology
HIV Sexual Risk and Substance Use among Homeless Youth

Hienz, Robert D. --- Johns Hopkins University-Bayview Medical Center
Cocaine: Perceptual and Motor Effects

Higgins, Stephen T. --- University of Vermont-Dept. of Psychiatry
Factors Influencing Cocaine Use in Humans

Hoffmann, John P. --- National Opinion Research Center
Community and Family Context of Adolescent Drug Use

Hollander, Eric --- Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Serotonin/Norepinephrine Function: Pathological Gambling

Hoover, Donald R, III --- Johns Hopkins University-Dept. of Epidemiology
Analytical Methods for Observational Drug User Cohorts

Houlihan, William J. --- Drew University
Mazindol Analogs as Cocaine Receptor Antagonists

Howells, Richard D. --- University of Medicine and Dentistry-New Jersey Medical School
Structure/Function Analysis of Opioid Receptor Subtypes

Howell, Leonard L. --- Emory University
PET Imaging and Cocaine Neuropharmacology in Monkeys

Howlett, Allyn C. --- Saint Louis University
Cannabinoid Receptor Pharmacology & Biochemistry

Ho, Begonia Y. --- University of North Dakota-Dept. of Pharmacology and Toxicology
Cellular Signaling of the Cannabinoid Receptor

Ho, Ing Kang --- University of Mississippi Medical Center
Mechanism of Action of Butorphanol

Hruby, Victor J. --- University of Arizona
New Modalities for Treatment of Pain & Drug Abuse

Iguchi, Martin Y. --- Allegheny University of Health Sciences
Methadone Treatment: Behavioral/Phamacological Variables

Inturrisi, Charles E. --- Cornell University Medical College-Dept. of Pharmacology
Pharmacology and Neuroscience of Drug Abuse

Jainchill, Nancy --- National Development & Research Institute, Inc.
Hispanic American/Venezuelan Youth-Drug Use Risk Factors

Janda, Kim D. --- Scripps Research Institute
Immunopharmacotherapy as a Treatment for Cocaine Abuse

Johanson, Chris-Ellyn --- Wayne State Univ.-Dept.of Psych. and Behavioral Neuroscience
Individual Differences in Bio-behavioral Drug Response

Johnson, Karen C. --- University of Tennessee
Treating Nicotine Addiction in Pregnancy

Jones, Reese T. --- University of California-Langley Porter Psychiatric Institute
Neuropsychopharmacology of Altered Consciousness

Justice, Joseph B. --- Emory University-Dept. of Chemistry
Ligand Binding Sites on the Dopamine Transporter

Kaplan, Howard B. --- Texas A&M University
Drug Abuse & Other Deviant Adaptations: Two Generations

Kauer, Julie A. --- Duke University-Dept. of Neurobiology
Glutamate Synapses in Sensitization to Drugs of Abuse

Kessel, Raymond --- University of Wisconsin-Dept. of Health and Human Issues
Teacher/Scientist Partnerships: Impacting Drug Abuse

Kiyatkin, Eugene A. --- Indiana University- Dept. of Psychology
Dopamine Neurons and Heroin Reinforcement

Kleinfeld, David --- University of California San Diego
Work Group on Neuronal Dynamics

Koob, George F. --- Scripps Research Institute
Dopamine Partial Agonists and Cocaine Dependence

Kuhar, Michael J. --- Emory University-Yerkes Primate Research Center
Cocaine Sensitive Dopamine Transporter Synthesis

Laruelle, Marc --- Research Fountation for Mental Hygiene-NewYork State Psych. Inst.
Neurobiology of Cocaine-Induced Sensitization

Latimer, William W. --- Univ. of Minnesota-Division of General Peds. & Adol. Health
A Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Drug Abusing Youth

Lester, Henry A. --- California Institute of Technology
Biogenic Amine Transporters: Structure and Function

Leukefeld, Carl G. --- Center for Drug & Alcohol Research
Health Services Use by Chronic Rural Drug Abusers

Levin, Jonathan M. --- McLean Hospital-Brain Imaging Center
Functional Neuroimaging of Drug Abuse

Lipton, Douglas S. --- National Development & Research Institute
Correctional Drug Abuse Treatment Effectiveness

Lipton, Stuart A. --- Childrens Hospital
Cellular/Molecular Pathophysiology of Mental Retardation

Little, Karley Y. --- Veterans Administration Medical Center
Brain DAT/5-htt Dysregulation in Human Cocaine Users

Luborsky, Lester B. --- University of Pennsylvania-Dept. of Psychiatry
Effective Ingredients of Behavioral Therapies for Drug Abuse

Lukas, Scott E. --- McLean Hospital
Pharmacological and Behavioral Indices of Drug Abuse

Lyons, David --- Bowman Gray School of Medicine
Primate Cocaine Abuse and Cytochrome Oxidase Histochemistry

Madras, Bertha K. --- Harvard Medical School
Cocaine: Molecular Targets, Brain Imaging and Medication

Magura, Stephen --- National Development Research Institute
Effectiveness of Self-help for the Dually Diagnosed

Malison, Robert T. --- Yale University School of Medicine
SPECT Imaging of DA Function in Cocaine Dependence

Marley, R. J. --- University of Albany-Dept. of Psychology
Pharmacogenetic Approaches to Cocaine Neuropharmacology

Martin, Billy R. --- Medical College of Virginia
An Investigation of THC Receptors

Martin, Billy R. --- Virginia Commonwealth University
Inhalation of Drugs of Abuse

Matt, George E. --- San Diego State University-Dept. of Psychology
Improving Self-reports of Drug Use: A Cognitive Set Model

Mayes, Linda C. --- Yale Child Study Center
Regulation of Arousal and Attention in Cocaine-exposed Children

McMillan, Donald E. --- University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Drugs of Abuse: Chronic Interactions and Behavior

Moises, Hylan C. --- University of Michigan-Dept. of Physiology
Opioid & G-protein Regulation of Calcium Currents

Molitor, Thomas W. --- University of Minnesota-Dept. of Clinical and Population Sciences
Opiate Modulation of Pulmonary Infection

Monti, Peter M. --- Brown University-Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies
Motivational Interviewing for Teen Smokers

Moody, David E. --- University of Utah-Dept. of Pharmacology & Toxicology
Human Metabolism of L-alpha-acetylmethadol (LAAM)

Mosberg, Henry I. --- University of Michigan-College of Pharmacy
Conformation - Selectivity Relations of Opioid Peptides

Moss, Howard B. --- Western Psychiatric Institute & Clinic
Intergenerational Transmission: Substance Abuse Liability

Murphy, Edward L. --- University of California
Medical Consequences of HTLV-II in Drug Abusers

Murphy, Sheigla --- Institute for Scientific Analysis
AIDS Prevention: Needle Exchange and Ancillary Services

Nagalla, Srinivasa R. --- Oregon Health Sciences University
Xen-dorphins: A New Opioid System

Neisewander, Janet L. --- Arizona State University
Neural Mechanisms of Drug-Seeking Behavior

Noell, John W. --- Oregon Center for Applied Science, Inc.
Multimedia Program to Prevent Adolescent Sexual Coercion

Oyarce, Ana M. --- Johns Hopkins University-Dept. of Neuroscience
Translational Control of Peptidergic Enzymes by Dopamine

Patkar, Ashwin A. --- Thomas Jefferson University
Serotonergic Dysfunction and Treatment Outcome in Cocaine

Perkins, Kenneth A. --- Western Psychiatric Institute & Clinic
Discriminative Stimulus Effects of Nicotine in Humans

Pickel, Virginia M. ---Cornell University Medical College
Em-transmitter Interactions of Striatal Opioid Neurons

Pierce, Robert C. --- Washington State University
Dopamine, Calcium and Repeated Cocaine

Pintar, John E. --- University of Medicine and Dentistry-New Jersey Medical School
Genetic Studies of Opioid Receptor Function

Razdan, Raj K. --- Organix Inc.-Dept. of Research
Synthesis of Tetrahydrocannabinol Related Compounds

Reinarman, Craig --- University of California
Marijuana Use Careers and Consequences in Three Cultures

Rhodes, Fen --- Center for Behavioral Research Services
HIV Reduction for High Risk Male Drug Users

Ricaurte, George A. --- Johns Hopkins Medical Institute
Safety Assessment of Fenfluramine/Phentermine in Humans

Ries, Richard K. --- University of Washington-Harborview Medical Center
Contingent Benefits in Substance Abusing Mentally Ill

Roache, John D. --- University of Texas Health Science Center
Reinforcing Effects of Benzodiazepines in Anxiety

Roberston, Marjorie J. --- Alcohol Research Group
Drug Problem and Course of Homelessness

Robles, Rafaela R. --- University of Central De Carib
Addressing HIV Risk and Health Care Needs Under Managed Care

Roffman, Roger A. --- University of Washington-School of Social Work
Motivating Marijuana Cessation

Rohsenow, Damaris J. --- Brown University-Division of Biology and Medicine
Cocaine Craving and Coping in Treatment and Relapse

Rosenblum, Leonard A. --- State University of New York-Dept. of Psychiatry
Early Adversity and THC/Methamphetamine Vulnerability

Roth, Robert H. --- Yale University-Dept. of Pharmacology
Prenatal Cocaine Alters Cortical Dopamine Function

Roy, Alec --- East Orange VA Medical Center
Retinal Dopamine: Neurobiologic Marker in Cocaine Patients

Schulties, Gerhard H. --- VA Medical Center
CNS Delta Opioid Receptors in Pain and Drug Abuse

Seiden, Lewis S. --- University of Chicago-Pharmacology and Physiological Science
Neuropsychopharmacology Training for Drug Abuse Research

Selley, Dana E. --- Bowman Gray School of Medicine
Transduction Mechanisms of Opioid Agonist Efficacy

Sevarino, Kevin A. --- Yale University School of Medicine
The Role of PreproTRH-derived Peptides in Cocaine Action

Seybold, Virginia S. --- University of Minnesota-Dept. of Cell Biology/Neuroanatomy
Neuroscience Training in Drug Abuse Research

Sheldan, Kamel --- Arizona Institute for Biomedical Research
Neurobiology of Drug Abuse: Science Education

Sigelman, Carol K. --- George Washington University
A Theory-Centered Approach to Teaching Children about Drugs

Simon, Eric J. --- New York University Medical Center
Effects of Morphine and Analogues on Cell Metabolism

Simon, Eric J. --- New York University Medical Center-Dept. of Psychiatry
Postdoctoral Training in Research on Abused Drugs

Snyder, Solomon H. --- Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Drug Abuse Research Center

Stevens, Sally J. --- University of Arizona-Social & Behavioral Science
Women's-Centered HIV Risk Reduction Research Study

Su, S. Susan --- National Opinion Research Center
Drug Injectors' Risk Networks and HIV Transmission

Tashkin, Donald P. --- UCLA Department of Medicine
Pulmonary Effects of Habitual Use of Marijuana

Taylor, David A. --- West Virginia University-R.S. Byrd Health Science Center
Membrane Potential and Morphine Tolerance

Turner, R. Jay --- University of Miami-Sociology Research Center
Drug Use Trajectories: Ethnic/Racial Comparisons

Walker, Ellen A. --- University of North Carolina-Dept. of Psychology
Neutral Antagonists: Functional Studies

Wang, Qiang --- East Carolina University
Metabotropic Glutamate Regulation of Amphetamine Action

Weiss, Friedbert --- Scripps Research Institute
Novel Treatments for Cocaine Dependence

Wesselmann, Ursula --- Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine-Dept. of Neurology
Opioid Modulation of Mechanisms of Uterine Pain

Wetter, David W. --- University of Texas-M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
Computer-Delivered Treatment for Smoking Cessation

Williams, Mark L. --- Nova Research Company
Intervention Efficacy Targeting Male Prostitutes

Winter, Jerrold C. --- State University of New York
Behavioral and Pharmacologic Analysis of Drug of Abuse

Wong, Dean F. --- Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine-Dept. of Radiology
Imaging Dopamine-Serotonin Mechanisms in Cocaine Craving

Wong, Mamie Mee --- Southwest Regional Lab
Patterns and Correlates of Substance Use among Mixed Heritage

Yu, Xiao-Fang --- Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health
Phenotypic/Genotypic Variation in HIV Infection

Zhang, Jianhua --- University of Cincinnati-Dept. of Cell Biology/Neuroscience
D1 Dopamine Receptor Signaling and Effects of Cocaine

Review Activities

CPDD Presentation on NIDA Review Procedures

Dr. Teresa Levitin, Director, OEPR, in collaboration with NIDA's Office of Science Policy and Communications (OSPC), presented on NIDA review procedures and chaired a "mock review" at the OSPC's grant writing workshop at the College on Problems of Drug Dependence in Nashville, TN in June. Ms. Jackie Porter of OEPR arranged the "mock review" for the workshop. At the same meeting, Dr. Levitin gave a presentation on the integration of NIDA neuroscience applications with the NIH Division of Research Grants (DRG).

Integration of NIDA's Neuroscience Applications Into the DRG Review System

Drs. Teresa Levitin and Rita Liu have continued to meet weekly with staff from the NIH Division of Research Grants (DRG) to plan the integration of NIDA's neuroscience applications into the DRG review system. Each Scientific Review Group (SRG, or "study section") at NIDA has been briefed on the plans for neuroscience integration by either Dr. Levitin, Dr. Khursheed Asghar, or Dr. William Grace of OEPR, and each SRG has been informed of upcoming activities to plan for integration of behavioral science and AIDS-related science.

NIDA Conference Grant Committee

A NIDA-wide committee formed to develop and implement procedures for the review of R13 (Conference Grant) applications met on August 11, 1997. The committee is chaired by Dr. William Grace (OEPR), and members are Drs. Cindy Miner (OSPC), Charles Sharp (DBR), Dorynne Czechowicz (DCSR), and Jamie Biswas (MDD), as well as Ms. Susan David (DEPR), Mr. Noble Jones (OoA), and Ms. Catherine Mills (GMB).

New Criteria for Research Grant Applications

NIH's announcement of new review criteria for unsolicited research grant applications has necessitated NIDA's revision of its own guidelines for, and instructions to, reviewers. OEPR staff are working with the NIH Review Policy Committee to adapt the NIH's guidelines and instructions for NIDA's use, and documents incorporating the new review criteria are being prepared for review of applications received on or after October 1, 1997. NIDA study section members have already been briefed about these new criteria, and they will be discussed again at the October/November scientific review group meetings.

New Study Sections

Plans are underway for the creation of two new study sections, one for medications development applications and one for career development applications. The career development group will review training, career development, and fellowship applications from across all NIDA scientific areas and will begin operation with the February 1, 1998 application receipt date. Dr. Mark Swieter will be the SRA for that committee. The medications development committee will review applications for the development of new pharmacotherapies for drug abuse. Dr. Khursheed Asghar will be the SRA. These changes coincide with the integration of neuroscience applications into DRG.

Review of Center Grant Applications

Plans are underway to revise NIDA's handling of center applications. In addition to the current receipt dates of June 1 and October 1, NIDA will begin to accept applications for February 1 receipt dates, starting February of 1998. Reviewing center applications three times a year will reduce the average length of time from submission to outcome. OEPR is setting up an internal centers steering committee of program and review staff to refine the research center grant guidelines and procedures.

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