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Director's Report to the National Advisory Council on Drug Abuse
September, 2001

Staff Highlights

Honors and Awards

NIDA Director's Awards

Dionne Jones, Ph.D., CAMCODA
Noble Jones, CAMCODA
William S. Cartwright, Ph.D., DESPR
James Colliver, Ph.D., DESPR
Lynda Erinoff, Ph.D, J.D., DESPR
Christie Baxter, DNBR
Jerry M. Frankenheim, Ph.D., DNBR
Minda Lynch, Ph.D., DNBR
Herb Weingartner, Ph.D., DNBR
Catherine Mills, OPRM
Donna Tolson, OPRM
Robin Mackar, OSPC
Michelle Muth, OSPC

Genetics Consortium Steering Committee Group Award:

Rebekah Rasooly, Ph.D., DNBR
Harold Gordon, Ph.D., DTR&D
Naimah Weinberg, M.D., DESPR
Jonathan Pollock, Ph.D., DNBR
Robert Walsh, DTR&D
Joseph Frascella, Ph.D., DTR&D

The Neurosearch Team Group Award (DTR&D):

Ann Anderson, M.D.
Lee Cummings, J.D.
Ahmed Elkashef, M.D.
Richard Hawks Ph.D.
Aida Klun, M.B.A.
Jurij Mojsiak, M.S.
Jahnavi Kharidia, Ph.D.
Moo Park, Ph.D.
Amrat Patel, Ph.D.
James Terrill, Ph.D.
Frank Vocci, Ph.D.
Robert Walsh, B.S.
Nora Chiang, Ph.D.
Yavin Shaham, Ph.D.

The Procurement Section Group Award (IRP):

Tonya D. Anderson
Lesley W. Johnson
Mary G. Mancuso
Roger W. Remsburg
Iris M. Johnson

NIDA's Health Disparities Plan Group Award:

Ana Anders, SPO
Flair Lindsey, SPO
Ann Anderson, DTR&D
Henry Francis, CAMCODA
Arnold Mills, DESPR
Jean Lud Cadet, IRP
Cindy Miner, OSPC
Joseph Frascella, DTR&D
David Conrad, OPRM
Leslie Cooper, DESPR
David Shurtleff, DNBR
Lula Beatty, SPO
Dionne Jones, CAMCODA
Pamela Goodlow, SPO
Dorynne Czechowicz, DTR&D
Richard Harrison, OEA
Angela Benjamin, OEA
Jacqueline Porter, OEA
Pamela Stokes, OEA

MASB/OPRM Group Award:

Chanvadey Nhim
Traci Pelan
Maryann Postorino
Earle Stalfort
Terry Wheeler
Jean Yee

Prescription Drug Abuse Initiative Group Award:

Joan Nolan
Lucinda Miner, Ph.D.
Jack Stein, Ph.D.
Pat Thomas
Michelle Muth
Sheryl Massaro
Mark Fleming
Blair Gately
Jan Lipkin
Catherine Law
Robin Mackar
Monica Jones
Beverly Jackson

Equal Employment Office, Diversity and Quality of Worklife Awards

David Anderson, OSPC
Susan Volman, DNBR

Commissioned Corps Awards

LTCDR Carlo S. Contoreggi, IRP -- Public Health Service Citation Medal
LTCDR Ann Anderson, DTR&D -- Public Health Service Achievement Medal
CAPT Leslie Cooper, DESPR -- Public Health Service Achievement Medal
CAPT Dorynne Czechowicz, DTR&D -- Public Health Service Achievement Medal
LTCDR Paul Na, IRP -- Public Health Service Achievement Medal
CAPT Anthony Brooks, IRP -- Public Health Service Commendation Medal
Peter J. Delany, Ph.D.-- PHS Outstanding Service Medal

Length of Service Awards

20 Years of Service
Alan Leshner

30 Years of Service
Beverly Cepl
Carol Cowell
Anner Grantham
Jacqueline Porter
Celestine Proctor
Nikki Zangwill

40 Years of Service
Ana Anders

Employee of the Month Awards

September 2000 Berhane Yitbarek, Theresa Doged
October 2000 Camilla Holland, Janice Carico
November 2000 James Terrill, Beverly Cepl
December 2000 Diana Haikalis, Cindy Ambriz
January 2001 Janice Walden, Ora Dillon-Carter
February 2001 Celeste Proctor, Anne Gupman
March 2001 Veronica Lawrence, Nicole Jones
April 2001 Christie Baxter, Iris Johnson
May 2001 Davey Jones, Christie Brannock
June 2001 Angela Benjamin, Beverly Beall

NIH Director's Awards

David Shurtleff, Ph.D, DNBR

Minority Recruitment Training Program Team Group Award:

Mary Affeldt
Christie Brannock
Jean L. Cadet, M.D.
Lena Eads

Prevention Science Resource Workgroup:

Susan David, M.P.H.
Elizabeth Robertson, Ph.D.

Special Pops Educational Outreach Workgroup:

Ana Anders, M.S.W.
David Anderson
Niki Andrews
Linda Barber
Lula Beatty, Ph.D.
Garveyette Brown
Timothy Condon, Ph.D.
Audrey Cooke
Mark Fleming
Brenda Fogel
Pamela Goodlow
Jane Holland
Beverly Jackson
Anne Jarrett
Monica Jones
Catherine Law
Flair Lindsey
Jan Lipkin
Robin Mackar, M.P.H.
Angela Martinelli, RN, DN.Sc.
Sheryl Massaro
Mary Mayhew
Geraldine McCarthy
Cindy Miner, Ph.D
Michelle Muth
John Nagy
Patricia Needle, Ph.D.
Juanita Nelson
Joan Nolan
Lanette Palmquist
Suman Rao, Ph.D.
Cathrine Sasek, Ph.D.
Margaret W. Scofield
Nancy Soulen
Jack Stein, Ph.D.
Patricia Thomas
Keith Van Wagner

Other Honors and Awards

This year's J. Michael Morrison award from the College on Problems of Drug Dependence (CPDD) went to Dr. Roger Brown, Associate Director for Neuroscience Coordination, DNBR. The award consists of a monetary award and a plaque, and it is given to outstanding people within NIDA who facilitate research. Over the course of the past 20 years, Dr. Roger Brown has been instrumental in building the brain reward program and in getting many young investigators on their feet --many of whom are our finest researchers today. The award was presented to him at the Sixty-Third Annual Scientific Meeting of the CPDD on June 16, 2001 in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Dr. Thomas G. Aigner, DNBR received two NIH Director's Awards on August 1, 2001. The NIH Bioengineering Consortium (BECON), of which he is the NIDA representative, and the 2000 BECON Symposium Coordinating Committee for the meeting "Nanoscience and Nanotechnology: Shaping Biomedical Research" were recognized for their work in furthering biomedical engineering research at the NIH.

Dr. Cora Lee Wetherington, DNBR and NIDA's Women and Gender Research Coordinator was elected member-at-large for Division 28, Psychopharmacology and Substance Abuse, of the American Psychological Association.

Dr. Lula Beatty, SPO, received a Distinguished Career Award from Division 45 (Ethnic Minority Affairs), American Psychological Association, at the annual convention on August 25, 2001 in San Francisco.

Dr. Peter I. Hartsock, CAMCODA, was presented with the University of St. Petersburg Medal on May 30, 2001 in recognition of his vision and vital contributions to Russian and American cooperation in HIV/AIDS research.

Dr. Jean Lud Cadet, IRP, received the NIH Director's Award for the Minority Recruitment and Training Program (MRTP).

Dr. Jean Lud Cadet, IRP, received the AMS Award (Associated Medical Schools of New York) for service and dedication to the promotion of Science and Health education among minority youth.

Lee Cummings, J.D., DTR&D, received a Federal Technology Transfer Act Award from the National Cancer Institute for recognition of his contributions to the planning and implementation of a national forum on NIH Cooperative Research and Development Agreements.

Joann Grant, Technology Transfer Specialist in the Regulatory Affairs Branch, DTR&D, received a Special Recognition Award for managing technology transfer activities within the division, and for being instrumental in coordinating and assisting with various functions such as personnel, regulatory affairs and administrative management.

Staff Changes

Holly Buchanan joined OSPC in May 2001 as the Secretary to the Deputy Director, OSPC. Prior to joining NIDA, Ms. Buchanan worked at the National Naval Medical Center in the Orthopedic Department, scheduling patients, doctors and serving as the point of contact for the Department.

Kevin P. Conway, Ph.D. joined NIDA's Division of Epidemiology, Services, and Research Branch on July 1, 2001. Most recently, Dr. Conway was an Associate Research Scientist in the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health at Yale University School of Medicine, where he worked with Professor Kathleen Merikangas at the Genetic Epidemiology Research Unit. Dr. Conway's research focuses on the genetic epidemiology and etiology of drug use disorders, psychopathology, personality, crime and violence, and cultural influences on patterns of comorbidity among drug abusers.

Suzanne Dawkins joined NIDA's Office of Planning and Resource Management (OPRM) as a Constract Specialist in the Contracts Management Branch on July 15, 2001. Prior to coming to NIDA Ms. Dawkins was with the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute.

Amira Debbas joined NIDA's Division of Neuroscience and Behavioral Research as the Division's Secretary on May 21, 2001. Prior to coming to NIDA, Ms. Debbas worked for the Louis Dreyfus Corporation's Washington DC office.

Roberta C. Kahn, M.D. joined NIDA's Division of Treatment Research and Development (DTR&D) as a Medical Officer on July 1, 2001. Prior to coming to NIDA, Dr. Kahn served as a Medical Officer in the FDA's Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, Division of Anesthesia, Critical Care and Addictive Drug Products. Following extensive postgraduate training in Internal Medicine, Anesthesiology, and Critical Care Medicine, Dr. Kahn served consecutive appointments as Assistant Clinical Professor of Anesthesiology at Cornell Medical Center-New York Hospital and Associate Professor of Anesthesiology at New York University Medical Center.

Annie Mathew joined NIDA's Office of Extramural Affairs as a Grants Technical Assistant on June 3, 2001. Ms. Mathew comes to NIDA from the NIH's Center for Scientific Review.

Michael Wright joined NIDA's Office of Planning and Resource Management as a Computer Specialist in the Information Resources Management Branch on July 15, 2001.

CDR Peter J. Delany, D.S.W., DESPR, was appointed as the Deputy Director of the Division of Epidemiology, Services and Prevention Research (DESPR). Since joining NIDA in 1992, he has worked primarily in the Services Research Branch focusing on the development of research with criminal justice-involved populations, the organization and management of treatment, and health services research with underserved populations. He held the position of Acting Deputy Director first in the Division of Clinical and Services Research and since January 2000 in DESPR.

Dr. Ann Anderson, Medical Officer, transferred from the DTR&D's Medications Research Grants Branch to the Clinical Trials Network Branch.

Meg Scofield left NIDA to pursue a Master's Degree in Library Science at the University of Maryland College Park (UMD) and is currently working as a graduate assistant in the UMD libraries' grants office. She had been with NIDA since December 1999 when she joined the Public Information and Liaison Branch, OSPC as a Writer-Editor.

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