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Director's Report to the National Advisory Council on Drug Abuse

September, 2000

Extramural Policy and Review Activities

Review Meetings

During this council cycle, the Office of Extramural Affairs arranged and managed 21 review meetings for grant applications and 9 meetings for contract proposal reviews. In addition, the Office managed the concept reviews of 24 contract concepts.

The reviews for NIDA's chartered committees were held, which include NIDA-E (Treatment Review Committee), NIDA-F (Health Services Review Committee), NIDA-L (Medications Development Committee), and NIDA-K (Training Committee). Four Special Emphasis panels were also held to review applications in conflict with the chartered committees. Five Special Emphasis Panels were constituted for reviews of specific mechanisms: program projects (two committees), centers (including site visits), Minority Institutions Drug Abuse Research Development Program R24s, and conference grants. Eight of the review meetings were for seven RFAs, as follows:

DA-00-002 National Drug Abuse Treatment Clinical Trials Network (two meetings held, along with nine site visits)
DA-00-003 Micro-Array Based Research on Drug Abuse
DA-00-004 The Next Generation of Drug Abuse Prevention Research
DA-00-005 Basic Behavioral, Cognitive, and Neurological Research: Applications to HIV/AIDS and Drug Abuse
DA-00-006 Viral Hepatitis and HIV in Drug and Alcohol Users
DA-00-007 HIV Therapy for Drug Users: Access, Adherence, Effectiveness
DA-00-008 Centers for Drug Abuse and AIDS Research Core Grants

The Contracts Review Branch reviewed twenty-three concepts for the SBIR Contracts program, all of which were approved. A concept for a National Hispanic Science Network on Drug Abuse was also reviewed and approved. The following nine contract reviews were also completed:

N01 DA-0-1101 Bridging the Disconnect
N01DA-0-1102 Policy Planning and Support Services
N01DA-0-7707 Production and Analysis of Cannabis
N43DA-0-7708 Development of Placebo Marijuana Cigarettes
N01DA-0-8805 Cardiovascular and Safety Evaluations of Potential Medications to Reduce Drug Use
N01DA-0-8806 Screening for Cocaine Pharmacotherapies Using the Rat Self-Administration Test
N01DA-0-8807 Pharmacokinetics of Psychoactive Drugs
N01DA-0-8808 CTN Administrative Coordinating Center
N01DA-0-9901 Brain Bank

Extramural Staff Development

The Office of Extramural Affairs Symposium Series, which provides an opportunity for training and staff interchanges on topics related to extramural administration, brought Dr. Jean Paddock, Associate Director for Program Evaluation, Center for Scientific Review (CSR), to the May meeting. Dr. Paddock was invited in response to NIDA program staff's request to have a symposium session address recent changes in CSR practices. July and August meetings used case studies to address day-to-day challenges in administering scientific activities. Dr. William C. Grace, Deputy Director, OEA, coordinates the series.

Extramural Outreach

Dr. Khursheed Asghar, Chief, Basic Sciences Review Branch, OEA, made a presentation at the International Cannabinoid Research Society meeting in Hunt Valley, MD in June 2000. His topic was "NIDA Training and Career Development Programs for Young Investigators".

Dr. Mark Swieter, SRA in the Basic Sciences Review Branch, OEA, provided a talk entitled, "The NIH Grant Application Review Process," to a meeting of Social Work researchers at Howard University in Washington, DC in May 2000.

At the NIDA/NIMH sponsored meeting, "Assessing the Impact of Childhood Interventions on Subsequent Drug Abuse," which was held in Washington, DC in May 2000 Dr. Swieter presented "Research and Career Development Opportunities Supported by NIDA."

At the CPDD meeting in June 2000, Dr. Teri Levitin, Director, OEA, and Dr. Swieter participated in activities designed to inform the extramural community about peer review and career development. Dr. Levitin organized a symposium on career development in which Dr. Swieter was one of the speakers. Dr. Swieter also participated in a grant writing workshop, which he co-organized with Drs. Timothy Condon and Cindy Miner, OSPC.

Dr. Teri Levitin spoke to the Native American Research and Scholars Work Group Meeting about NIH and NIDA peer review in May 2000.

Mr. Richard Harrison, Chief, Contracts Review Branch, OEA, represented NIDA at Washington, DC events marking the "Journey of the Sacred Hoop," a nationwide walk organized by Native Americans to address substance abuse and violence. A number of tribes as well as governmental, and non-governmental organizations participated. Of particular note was Mr. Harrison's participation in a closing ceremony honoring Elders in the Sobriety Movement.

Scientific Meetings

In conjunction with the NIDA-E Treatment Review Committee, Dr. Kay Nimit, SRA in the Clinical, Epidemiological, and Applied Sciences Review Branch, OEA, organized a presentation, "NIDA's Stage Model of Behavioral Therapies Research: Getting Started and Moving on From Stage I". Bruce J. Rounsaville, M.D., was the featured speaker. This event occurred on June 29, 2000.

Dr. Marina Volkov, SRA in the Clinical, Epidemiological, and Applies Sciences Review Branch, OEA, helped organize a lecture series at the American Psychological Association's annual meeting in August 2000. The lecture series, entitled "Vulnerability to Drug Addiction," was done under the auspices of NIDA's Behavioral Sciences Working Group as part of special events organized by Dr. Jaylan Turkkan, Dr. Minda Lynch, and others in the working group.

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