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National Institute on Drug Abuse

Director's Report to the National Advisory Council on Drug Abuse

May, 1997

Program Activities

Program Announcements/RFAs

B/START - NIDA: Behavioral Science Track Awards for Rapid Transition

This Program Announcement (PAR-97-046) was released in March, and underscores NIDA's commitment and interest in expanding the scope of behavioral sciences research in drug abuse. NIDA invites newly independent investigators to submit applications for small-scale, exploratory (i.e., pilot) research projects related to NIDA's behavioral sciences mission. B/START- NIDA will provide rapid review and funding decisions of applications. Experimentally-based applications are especially encouraged in cognitive and perceptual processes, social processes and motivational factors in drug abuse. Given the role that drug abuse plays in HIV/AIDS transmission, studies applying behavioral science models and methods to address this issue are especially encouraged. The full announcement can be accessed at gopher:// files/PAR-97- 046.

NDA Filed for Buprenorphine as an Opiate Addiction Treatment Medication

An NDA for buprenorphine as an opiate treatment medication was filed with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on March 26 by Reckitt & Colman Pharmaceuticals, Inc. The submission of the NDA represents the results of a major collaborative effort between NIDA's Medications Development Division (MDD) and Reckitt & Colman. Phase III clinical trials for a combination product of buprenorphine combined with naloxone are underway and should conclude by fall.

Medications Development Research Units Meeting

The quarterly meeting of the Medications Development Research Units (Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Centers who participate as MDD clinical trials sites) was held March 25-26, 1997 in Los Angeles, CA. MDD staff and staff from all MDRU sites held discussions of progress concerning on-going clinical trials and planning and support for planned trials, as well as logistics and infrastructure issues.

Buprenorphine Multi-Center Studies Meeting

NIDA's MDD held an investigator's meeting on the current buprenorphine multi-center studies on April 1-2, 1997 in New Orleans, LA. Recruitment for the trial is on schedule with 50% of the subjects currently randomized into the treatment group. Although the blind has not been broken, retention is excellent and adverse reactions rates are low. A Data Safety Monitoring Board meeting will review the safety data from this study in June.

NIDA/Sanofi Pharmaceuticals CRADA

A CRADA that reflects a collaboration between Sanofi Pharmaceuticals and NIDA's Intramural Research Program has been approved by the CRADA subcommittee and NIDA. This agreement provides the basis for NIDA-IRP scientists to undertake the first U.S. tests of the marijuana CB1 receptor antagonist, SR141716, in humans.

NIDA'S New/Competing Awards Since February 1997

1 R03 DA 11009-01 Allen, Sharon S. --- University of Minnesota
1 R01 DA 10117-01A2 Tobacco Cessation in Postmenopausal Women
Anthony, James C. --- Johns Hopkins University Dept. of Mental Hygiene
1 R01 DA 10900-01 Transitions Into Adulthood: The Baltimore Study
Ator, Nancy A. --- Johns Hopkins University Bayview Campus
Functional Analysis of GABAergic Sedative/Anxiolytics
2 R01 DA 07732-04A2 Barr, Gordon A. --- Hunter College Dept. of Psychology
Neurobehavioral Studies of Opiate Drugs in Development
1 R01 DA 10492-01A1 Belknap, John K. --- Oregon Health Sciences University
1 R01 DA 10778-01 Gene Mapping for Sensitivity to Cocaine and Amphetamine
Berridge, Craig W. --- University of Wisconsin--Dept. of Psychology
1 R01 DA 11061-01 Amphetamine-like Stimulants: Norepinephrine and Behavior
Beutler, Larry E. --- University of California
1 R29 DA 11079-01 Prescriptive Therapy for Drug Abuse with Depression
Biemer, Paul P. --- Research Triangle Institute
Assessing the Validity of Self-reported Drug Use
1 U19 DA 11007-01 Block, Robert I. --- University of Iowa Hospital & Clinic
1 R01 DA 10612-01A1 Chronic Marijuana Use: Brain and Cognition
Borkowsky, William --- New York University Medical Center
1 R01 DA 09049-01A3 The Biology of Pediatric Hepatitis C Infection
Brown, Richard L. --- University of Wisconsin/Dept. of Family Medicine
1 U19 DA 10939-01 Decisions to Prescribe Benzodiazepines and Opioids
Bunney, E. Bradshaw --- University of Illinois-Dept. of Emergency Medicine
2 R01 DA 01533-22 Electrophysiology of Cocaine, Ethanol, and Cocaethylene
Burchfield, David J. --- University of Florida-College of Medicine-Dept. of Pediatrics
1 R01 DA 10462-01A1 Cocaine: Effect on Fetal Brain Metabolism and Function
Caggiula, Anthony R. --- University of Pittsburgh-Dept. of Psychology
2 R01 DA 04592-07A1 Smoking, Stress, and Immune Function
Caggiula, Anthony R. --- University of Pittsburgh-Dept. of Psychology 2 R01 DA 04592-07A1
Effects of Self-Administered vs Noncontingent Nicotine
Carr, Kenneth D. --- New York University Medical Center-Dept. of Psychiatry
2 R01 DA 03910-12 Opioid Mechanisms That Facilitate Reward
Cashman, John R. --- Seattle Biomedical Research Institute
1 R01 DA 09421-01A2 Novel Cocaine Esterases
Caton, Carol L. --- New York State Psychiatric Institute
1 R01 DA 10539-01A1 Service Needs in Early Psychosis and Drug Use
Chang, Sulie L. --- Seton Hall University
1 R01 DA 10789-01 Morphine Actions on the Immune System
Corrigall, William A. --- Addiction Research Foundation
1 R01 DA 10871-01 Cholinergic and Opiate Mechanisms in Drug Reinforcement
Daley, Dennis C. --- Western Psychiatric Institute & Clinic
1 U19 DA 10946-01 Dual Diagnosis Adherence Strategies
Dey, Sudhansu K. --- University of Kansas Medical Center-Dept. of Physiology
1 R01 DA 10536-01A1 Effects of Marijuana on Early Pregnancy
Domino, Edward F. --- University of Michigan-Dept. of Pharmacology
Nicotine Effects on Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism
1 R29 DA 11005-01 Donahoe, Robert M. --- Emory University
AIDS and Opiates: A Monkey Model
1 R01 DA 08098-01A5 Dwoskin, Linda P. --- University of Kentucky-Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics
2 R01 DA 04133-12 Nornicotine Contribution to the CNS Effect of Nicotine
Eisenstein, Toby K. --- Temple University
Opioids, Opioid Receptors, and Sepsis
1 R01 DA 10107-01A1 Fein, George --- San Francisco VA Medical Center
1 R03 DA 11011-01 Chronic Cocaine Abuse Effects on P50 and P3a Erps
Fiorentine, Robert --- UCLA Drug Abuse Research Center
2 R01 DA 04195-11A1 Client Engagement in Drug Treatment
Fox, Barbara S. --- Immunologic Pharmaceutical Corporation
2 R01 DA 06648-07A1 Therapeutic Cocaine Vaccine
Freeman, Robert --- Nova Research Company
1 R01 DA 11054-01 Secondary Analysis of the Wheel Database
Friedman, Samuel R. --- National Development & Research Institute
2 R01 DA 08870-04 HIV Risk among Women IDUs Who Have Sex with Women
Glittenberg, Joann E. --- University of Arizona College of Nursing
1 R01 DA 09545-01A3 Alcohol, Drugs, and Violence in a Mexican American Town
Greenwald, Mark K. --- Wayne State University/Psychology & Behavioral Neuroscience
1 R01 DA 09994-01A2 Behavioral Studies with Methadone Clients
Gruol, Donna L. --- Scripps Research Institute
1 R01 DA 10554-01A1 Drug Effects on Neuronal Development in Pediatric AIDS
Gudelsky, Gary A. --- University of Cincinnati-Dept. of Pharmacy
1 R01 DA 10567-01A1 Microdialysis Studies on MDMA-induced Neurotoxicity
Hienz, Robert D. --- Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center
2 R01 DA 05617-07A1 Cocaine: Perceptual and Motor Effects
Hien, Denise A. --- St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Center
1 R01 DA 10563-01A1 PTSD Treatment Outcomes for Cocaine-Dependent Women
Hillard, Cecilia J. --- Medical College of Wisconsin
1 R01 DA 10843-01 Cannanbinoids and Second Messengers in the Brain
Holtzman, Stephen G. --- Emory University School of Medicine
1 R03 DA 11119-01 College on Problems of Drug Dependence Annual Meeting
Huber, Alice --- Matrix
1 R01 DA 10662-01A1 Medication/Behavior Therapy for Methamphetamine Abuse
Iguchi, Martin Y. --- Allegheny University of the Health Sciences
1 R01 DA 10715-01 Using Contingency Management to Enhance Methadone Detox
Itzhak, Yossef --- University of Miami School of Medicine
2 R01 DA 04731-09A1 Role of Glutamatergic/nos Systems in Cocaine Actions
Jones, Reese T. --- University of California
1 R01 DA 10992-01 Pharmacotherapy of Cocaine Addiction
Justice, Joseph B., Jr. --- Emory University-Dept. of Chemistry
1 R01 DA 10606-01A1 Kinetics and Mechanism of Catecholamine Transporters
Kandel, Denise B. --- Columbia University Dept. of Psychology
1 R03 DA 10457-01A1 Substance Dependence/Abuse in the U.S. Population
Kaufman, Marc J. --- McLean Hospital
1 R01 DA 10464-01A1 MR Spectroscopic Imaging of Stimulant Abuse
King, George R. --- Duke University Medical Center-Dept. of Psychiatry
1 R01 DA 08656-01A2 Parameters and Mechanisms of Cocaine Tolerance
Kipke, Michele D. --- Childrens Hospital
1 R01 DA 10468-01A1 Understanding Young Females' Risk & Protective Behaviors
Kosten, Therese A. --- Substance Abuse Center
1 R01 DA 09897-01A1 Neurobehavioral Studies of Dual Drug Addiction
La Gasse, Linda L. --- E P Bradley Hospital
2 R01 DA 04075-08A1 Cocaine Exposure: Reaching, Kinematics, and Cognition
Lechan, Ronald M. --- New England Medical Center
2 R01 DA 09110-03 Role of Protrh-derived Peptides During Opiate Withdrawal
Leslie, Frances M. --- University of California-Dept. of Pharmacology
1 R01 DA 11134-01 Nicotine Regulation of Developing Brain Catecholamines


Lever, John R. --- Johns Hopkins University
2 R01 DA 07165-05A2 3H - and 125I - Labeled Delta Opioid Receptor Ligands
Lewis, Michael L. --- UMDNJ/Robert W Johnson Medical School
1 R01 DA 10521-01A1 Emotional Regulation and Stress React in Prenatal Cocaine Exposure
Lindenberg, Cathy S. --- Emory University
1 R01 DA 10084-01A1 Latina Atod & Sexual Risk Prevention Intervention
Liu-chen, Lee-yuan --- Temple University School of Medicine
2 R01 DA 07058-07 Palmitoylation of the U Opioid Receptor
Loeber, Rolf --- Western Psychiatric Institute/Clinic
Development and Risk of Juvenile Drug Abuse
Loh, Horace H. --- University of Minnesota-Dept. of Pharmacology
1 R01 DA 10864-01 Structural and Functional Studies of Mu Opioid Receptor
Longshore, Douglas --- UCLA Drug Abuse Research Center
2 R01 DA 04334-11 Linking DUF and Criminal History Data
Lysle, Donald T. --- University of North Carolina-Dept. of Psychology
2 R01 DA 01583-20 Opioid-Induced Alterations of Immune Status
Madden, John J. --- Georgia Mental Health Institute
1 R01 DA 10021-01A1 5th Conference: Drug Abuse, Immunomodulation and AIDS
Martinez, Joe L., Jr. --- University of Texas-Division of Life Sciences
1 R01 DA 10325-01A1 Enkephalin and Learning
Mehta, Sudhir K. --- Case Western Reserve University
2 R01 DA 04050-09A2 Cocaine Exposed Infants: Cardiac Problems and Outcome
Mello, Nancy K. --- Mc Lean Hospital-Dept. of Psychiatry
1 R01 DA 10887-01 New Strategies for Anti-cocaine Medications
Metsch, Lisa R. --- University of Miami School of Medicine
1 R01 MH 54171-01A2 Drug Use and Health Services Utilization of HIV+Women
Morishima, Hisayo O. --- Columbia University of the Health Sciences
2 R01 DA 04208-08A2 Perinatal Polydrug Abuse: Cocaine & Drug Interactions
Mosberg, Henry I. --- University of Michigan-College of Pharmacy
1 R01 DA 10438-01A1 Conformation - Selectivity Relations of Opioid Peptides
Nair, Madhavan P. --- Buffalo General Hospital
1 R03 DA 10408-01A1 Cocaine Associated Encephalopathy in AIDS
Pickel, Virginia M. --- Cornell University Medical College
1 R01 DA 11018-01 EM-Transmitter Interactions of Striatal Opioid Neurons
Portoghese, Philip S. --- University of Minnesota-Dept. of Medicine Chemistry
1 R01 DA 10646-01A1 Selective Nonpeptide Opioid Ligands
Price, Rumi K. --- Washington University-Dept. of Psychiatry
1 R03 DA 09980-01A1 Cross-Cultural Epidemiology of Drug Abuse - Phase I
Prichep, Leslie S. --- NYU Medical Center
2 R01 DA 07427-04A3 Biobehavioral Heterogeneity in Crack Cocaine Dependence
Prinz, Ronald --- University of South Carolina
1 R01 DA 08584-01A4 Risk Reduction via Promotion of Youth Development
Pyle, Sally J. Rutgers --- University/Dept. of Pharmacology & Toxicology
1 R03 DA 10817-01 Cocaine, G-proteins and Cytoskeleton in Neurite Growth
Rocha, Beatriz D. --- University of North Texas Health Sciences Center
1 R01 DA 10546-01A1 PR Schedule of Reinforcement in 5ht1b Knockout Mice
Ronnekleiv, Oline K. --- Regon Regional Primate Research Center
1 R01 DA 10913-01 Maternal Cocaine Abuse: Effects on Fetal Neurogenesis
Rush, Craig R. --- University of Mississippi Medical Center-Dept. of Psychiatry
1 R01 DA 10681-01 Cocaine Discrimination and Pharmacological Specificity
Ruth, James A. --- University of Colorado Health Science Center
2 R01 DA 06668-06A1 Mechanisms of Drug Deposition in Hair
Sagen, Jacqueline --- Cytotherapeutics, Inc.
1 R03 DA 10937-01 Opioid Cell Transplants for Pain Alleviation
Santisteban, Daniel A. --- University of Miami
1 R03 DA 10896-01 Developing Family Therapy for BPD Drug Abusing Youths
Schenk, Susan S. --- Texas A&M University-Dept. of Psychology
1 R01 DA 10440-01A1 Kappa-Opioid Agonists and Cocaine-Sensitization
Schuster, Charles R. --- Wayne State University School of Medicine
2 R01 DA 04600-09 Fluoxetine in Smoking Cessation Treatment
Seage, George --- Abt Associates, Inc.
1 R01 DA 09453-01A2 Drug-involved Women's Acceptance of Vaginal Microbicides
See, Ronald E. --- Washington State University-Dept. of Psychology
2 R01 DA 07707-04A1 Basolateral Amygdala: A Substrate for Relapse
Singer, Merrill --- Hispanic Health Council
2 R01 DA 06866-04A2 Intertwined Epidemics among Puerto Rican Drug Users
Sopori, Mohan L. --- Lovelace Institutes
2 R01 DA 08075-04A1 Mechanism of Cigarette Smoke-induced Immunosuppression
Spealman, Roger D. --- Harvard Medical School
1 R01 DA 10187-01A2 Nonhuman Primate Model of Cocaine Relapse and Treatment
Staddon, John E. --- Duke University-Dept. of Psychology
1 R01 DA 09394-01A2 Multiple Time Scales in Motivated Behavior
Stark, Raymond I. --- Columbia University-Dept. of Pediatrics
1 R01 DA 09577-01A2 Morphine Kinetics & Dynamics in Maternal & Fetal Baboons
Stein, Michael D. --- Rhode Island Hospital
1 R01 DA 10870-01 Health Care Utilization among Injection Drug Users
Strain, Eric C. --- Johns Hopkins Baview Medical Center
1 K02 DA 00292-01A1 Clinical Research on Drug Abuse
Su, S. Susan --- National Opinion Research Center
1 K01 DA 00306-01A1 Vulnerability to Drug Abuse in High Risk Youth
Tietz, Elizabeth I. --- Medical College of Ohio
1 K01 DA 00301-01A1 Chronic Benzodiazepine Effects on GABA Receptor Complex
Tiffany, Stephen T. --- Purdue University
1 K02 DA 00269-01A1 Opioid Tolerance: Associative and Non-associative Effect
Tortu, Stephanie --- National Development & Research Institute Inc.
1 K02 DA 00334-01 Women Drug Users, AIDS and Social Context
Vlahov, David --- Johns Hopkins University
2 K02 DA 00174-06 Natural History of HIV Infection in Injection Drug Users
Walker, J. Michael -- Brown University-Hunter Lab-Psychology
1 K01 DA 00329-01 Investigations of Precipitated Cannabinoid Withdrawal
Wardlaw, Sharon L. --- Columbia University-Dept. of Medicine
1 K02 DA 00332-01 Opioid Regulation of POMC in the Hypothalamus
Way, E. Leong --- UCSF-Dept. Of Cellular and Mollecular Pharmacology
1 K02 DA 00326-01 28th Annual International Narcotics Research Conference
Weiss, Roger D. --- McLean Hospital
1 K02 DA 00325-01 Treatment of Drug Dependence and Psychiatric Illness
Wightman, Robert M. --- University of North Carolina-Dept. of Chemistry
1 K01 DA 00285-01A1 Dynamics of in Vivo Dopamine Release
Wolgin, David L. --- Florida Atlantic University
1 R13 DA 10986-01 Role of Instrumental Learning in Tolerance to Stimulants
Wright, Anthony A. --- University of Texas Health Science Center
1 R13 DA 10895-01 Memory Procedures for Drug Assessments in Monkeys
Xu, Ming --- University of Cincinnati-Dept. of Cell Biology, Neuroscience
1 R13 DA 11143-01 Role of C-fos in Psychomotor Stimulant Actions
Zahniser, Nancy R. --- University of Colorado Health Science Center
Persistent Cocaine-induced Changes in Clearance

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