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National Institute on Drug Abuse

Director's Report to the National Advisory Council on Drug Abuse

February, 1999

Staff Highlights

Honors and Awards

1998 NIDA Director's Award

Individual Awards

Carol B. Hubner, Ph.D., MDD
Mark Swieter, Ph.D., OEPR
Cikena V. Reid, OEPR
Jacqueline R. Porter, OEPR
Katherine Davenny, M.P.H., CAMCODA
Jagjitsing H. Khalsa, Ph.D., CAMCODA
Debra S. Grossman, M.A., DCSR
David Shurtleff, Ph.D., DBR
Nancy S. Pilotte, Ph.D., DBR
Joyce A.Williams, DBR
David A.Thomas, Ph.D., DBR
Pushpa V. Thadani, Ph.D., DBR
Jack R. Manischewitz, Ph.D., OPRM
David C. Jones, OPRM

Group Award: National Conference on Drug Addiction Treatment Planning

Stephen R. Zukin, M.D., DCSR
Lisa S. Onken, Ph.D., DCSR
Andrea Baruchin, Ph.D., OSPC
Robert J. Battjes, D.S.W., DCSR
Jack D. Blaine, M.D. , DCSR
L. Jeanne Borger, OSPC
Mona Brown, OSPC
Timothy P. Condon, Ph.D., OSPC
Dorynne J. Czechowicz, M.D., DCSR
Bennett W. Fletcher, Ph.D., DCSR
Jan W. Lipkin, OSPC
Joan D. Nolan, OSPC
Susan Schlossberg, OD
Jack B. Stein, OSPC
Beverly Jackson, OSPC
Carol C. Sneeringer, IRP
Jonathan L. Katz, Ph.D., IRP

Group Award: Brain Imaging Center, IRP

Edythe D. London, Ph.D.
Andrew G. Horti, Ph.D.
Andrew Koren, Ph.D.
Daniela Gundisch, Ph.D.
Alane S. Kimes, Ph.D.
Donald B. Vaupel, Ph.D.
Andrea Baruchin, Ph.D., OSPC
Joan D. Nolan, OSPC

Group Award: Desktop Software Transition Team, OPRM

Tina McDonald-Bennett
Constance E. Latzko

EEO Awards

Individual Awards

Carol Cushing, MDD
Melanie Pickett, DEPR

Group Award: IRP

Jean Lud Cadet
Lena Eads
Angela McLeod
Brian Alston

30 Years Length of Service

Suzanne M. Cole, OPRM
Jose A. Prada, IRP
Thomas R. Vischi, DCSR
Susan L. David, DEPR
Richard A. Millstein, OD

Commissioned Corps Awards

Unit CommendationsCommendations
Anthony J. Brooks, IRP
Paul J. Na, IRP
Thomas P. Bridge, MDD
Chung-Yui B. Tai, MDD
Steven P. Sparenborg, MDD
Steven P. Sparenborg, MDD
Kesinee C. Nimit, DEPR
Chung-Yui B. Tai, MDD
Peter J. Delaney, DCSR

NIH Director's Award

Henry Francis, OoA
Susan Herbert, MDD
Mary Affeldt, IRP

Quality of Worklife Award

Ann Gupman, IRP

1998 Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal Employee Program Award

Charles Sharp, DBR
Ann Montgomery, MDD

Other Honors and Awards

Dr. Alan I. Leshner, Director, NIDA, was elected as a member of the National Academy of Science's Institute of Medicine in October 1998.

Dr. Alan I. Leshner, received the American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry's (AAAP) Founders Award in December 1998 "in recognition of his outstanding national presence, leadership, creativity, and tireless efforts to place drug abuse on the national agenda in a positive manner utilizing the brain disease concept" and "for his ability to build alliances and clearly translate complex research findings to clinicians, the public, and policy makers."

Dr. Arthur M. Horton was presented with an award for his "Contributions to the Development of Professional Neuropsychiatry" by the American Board of Professional Neuropsychiatry at the Board's Annual membership meeting in Washington, DC on November 5, 1998.

Dr. Arthur M. Horton has also been elected to Fellow status in the American Psychological Association (APA) through the Division of the Psychology of Addictive Behaviors (50).

In November, 1998 Dr. Amy H. Newman of the NIDA intramural program was announced as the recipient of the 1998 Sato International Memorial Award. This is an early career award in Medicinal Chemistry, awarded by the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan. It will be presented at the 119th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan, in Tokushima, Japan on March 28, 1999.

Newman, A.H., Allen, A.C., Kline, R.H., Izenwasser, S., Katz, J.L., 3a-Diphenyl-methoxytropane Analogs as Cocaine Therapeutics, U.S. Patent #5,792,775, Awarded August 11, 1998.

On October 19, 1998, Dr. Katherine Bonson, an IRTA Post-Doctoral fellow working with Dr. Edythe London of the NIDA Brain Imaging Center, was honored as a recipient of a Fellows Award for Research Excellence in Biomedical Research at a ceremony held in Lipsett Amphitheater, Bethesda, MD. Dr. Bonson was honored for her work in validating an analytic method of calculating cerebral glucose metabolism using PET. As an alternative to the traditional numeric integration procedure, the analytic method simplifies PET experimental procedures without a loss of accuracy.

Staff Changes

Dionne Jones, Ph.D., formerly with the Lewin Group of Fairfax, VA and Howard University in Washington, D.C., recently joined the Community Research Branch, DEPR, as a Health Scientist Administrator.

Dr. Jerry Flanzer has recently joined the Services Research Branch, DCSR, as a Social Science Analyst. Dr. Flanzer received his D.S.W. from the University of Southern California and was a professor of social work at both University of Wisconsin and Arkansas-Little Rock. During his academic tenure, Dr. Flanzer directed several projects geared toward integrating practice and research and taught in the areas of research, group work and human development. For the last 10 years, Dr. Flanzer has directed Recovery and Family Treatment, a clinical substance abuse program, and has taught research, human development and group work/organizational change courses as a visiting professor at the graduate programs of Catholic, Virginia Commonwealth, and Howard Universities. Dr. Flanzer comes to NIDA with a background in services research with a primary interest in the areas of adolescent substance abuse and the relationship between substance abuse and family violence.

Elizabeth Cooper officially joined NIDA as the Prevention Research Branch secretary on January 3, 1999.

Tracy Catron joined NIDA's EEO office on September 27, 1998. Ms. Catron was formerly with the National Institute of Nursing Research.

Debra Yarrick joined NIDA's Executive Secretariat on September 27, 1998.

Michelle Scala, formerly with the National Cancer Institute, joined NIDA's Contracts Management Branch on December 20, 1998 as a Contract Specialist.

Frenda Lundmark, formerly with the private sector, joined NIDA's Office of Science Policy and Communication (OSPC) on November 8, 1998.

Gwendelyn Jones joined NIDA's OSPC on September 22, 1998. Ms. Jones was formerly with the Health Services and Resources Administration.

Dr. Charlene Woodard joined the Science Policy Branch of the Office of Science Policy and Communications on October 13, 1998. Dr. Woodard is a clinical psychologist who came from Virginia Commonwealth University's Medical College of Virginia (VCU/MCV) where she was an assistant professor of Human Genetics, Psychiatry, Preventive Medicine & Community Health. She was affiliated with the Virginia Institute for Psychiatric and Behavioral Genetics where she worked on adolescent twin studies of substance abuse. Her background includes a two-year post-doctoral fellowship in substance abuse medicine focusing on perinatal addicted women and chronic pain. Dr. Woodard maintained a clinical practice focusing on chronic pain and addiction during her tenure at VCU/MCV. She received her doctoral degree from the University of Georgia in clinical psychology in 1992.

NIDA has established a public liaison office within the Office of Science Policy and Communications. The Public Information Branch was renamed the Public Information and Liaison Branch (PILB), and Beverly Jackson, Chief of PILB, has been designated as the public liaison contact.

Grantee Honors

Lisa Najavits, Ph.D. of McLean Hospital in Massachusetts was presented with the Early Career Contribution to Research Award of the Society for Psychotherapy Research in Salt Lake City in June 1998.

Dr. Howard Liddle of the University of Miami School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry, Center for Family Studies, was the recipient in October of the 1998 American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) Award for "Cumulative Contribution to Family Therapy Research." The AAMFT is the largest family therapy professional association in the world.

After reviewing programs from all universities across the state, the Colorado Commission on Higher education recently named the NIDA funded Tri-Ethnic Center for Prevention Research as a Program of Excellence. In addition, Colorado State University recently selected the Tri-Ethnic Center for the second consecutive five-year period, as a Program of Research and Scholarly Excellence. This competitive award carries with it an honoria and partially accounts for the selection of the Center to receive a newly renovated, larger building.

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