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National Institute on Drug Abuse

Director's Report to the National Advisory Council on Drug Abuse

February, 1998

Program Activities

Program Announcements/RFAs

On October 24, 1997, NIDA issued a Program Announcement entitled "Exploratory/ Developmental Grant Applications" (PA-98-004). The objective of the exploratory/ developmental mechanism (R21) is to encourage applications from individuals who are interested in testing innovative or conceptually creative ideas that are scientifically sound and may advance our understanding of drug abuse and addiction. Another objective is to encourage necessary initial development to provide a basis for important future research in a particular field.

In November, 1997, a new Program Announcement titled the "Minority Institutions' Drug Abuse Research Program (MIDARP)" was released. This announcement replaces the old MIRDP announcement and will be administered by the Special Populations Office.

On December 19, 1997, NIDA issued an RFA entitled "Neurobiological Effects of Drug Addiction Therapies" (DA-98-004). This research program is intended to support individual research project grants, mentored career development awards, and competitive supplements on the clinical, neurobiological effects of specific treatments for drug use disorders. The principal goal of the research to be supported through this initiative is to identify how structure and/or function of neuronal systems are affected by specific treatments for drug abuse disorders. Toward this goal, NIDA is particularly interested in proposals that will utilize brain imaging and/or other state-of-the-art approaches for assessment of alterations in human brain function and structure during and following behavioral and/or pharmacological therapy for drug disorders. The Letter of Intent Receipt date for this RFA is February 26, 1998 and the Application Receipt date is March 26, 1998.

Other Program Activities

IND Filed for Anti-Cocaine Vaccine

The ImmuLogic Corporation, has filed an IND and received permission to conduct a Phase I clinical trial of an anti-cocaine vaccine. ImmuLogic has received support for this research via a SPIRCAP grant from NIDA's Medications Development Division.

Review of Phase II Trial of Seligelene

The Medications Development Division convened an outside consultant group to review data from a Phase II trial of seligelene for the treatment of cocaine dependence. Based on their review of the data, and an overview of statistical methods currently acceptable to the FDA, the group recommended that a larger and more definitive trial be undertaken.

NIDA'S New/Competing Awards Since May 1997

Abrams, Donald I. --- Community Consortium
Short-Term Effects of Cannabinoids in HIV Patients

Adams, Jill U. --- NYU Medical Center - VA Medical Center - Psychiatry Dept.
Conditioned Effects of Cocaine in Rats

Anthony, James C. --- Johns Hopkins University/Dept. of Mental Hygiene
Cross-National Studies on Clusters of Drug Use

Baird, John C. --- Applied Behavioral Research
HIV Risk Reduction Questionnaire and Interview

Baker, Lisa E. --- Western Michigan University
Dopamine D3 Receptors in Psychostimulant Discrimination

Bardo, Michael T. --- University of Kentucky - Dept. of Psychology
Taste Cues in Morphine Conditioning

Barrett, Randy S. --- Vanderbilt University/Dept. of Psychiatry
Identifying Drugs for the Treatment of Bz Withdrawal

Baum, Marianna K. --- University of Miami
Selenium Therapy to Slow HIV Disease Progression in IDUs

Belenko, Steven --- Nat. Center for Addiction and Substance Abuse
HIV Service Needs & Access in High Risk Criminal Justice Populations

Bernstein, Edward --- Boston University
A Randomized Trial of the Brief Negotiated Interview

Berrettini, Wade H. --- University of Pennsylvania-Dept. of Psychiatry
A Genetic Study of Opioid Addiction

Blechman, Elaine A. --- University of Colorado/Dept. of Psychology
Drug Abuse Prevention, Expert Coping, & Ethnicity

Bradberry, Charles W. --- VA Medical Center
CNS Consequences of Chronic Cocaine Self-Administration

Brauer, Lisa H. --- Duke VA Medical Center
Dopaminergic Mechanisms in Nicotine Addiction

Breslow, Ronald C. --- Columbia University/Dept. of Chemistry
Catalysts for the Hydrolysis of Cocaine

Brigham, Janet --- Western Psychiatric Institute
Nicotine in Adults' Use of Smokeless Tobacco

Britton, Brandy M. --- University of Maryland/Dept. of Sociology
The Impact of Violence on Women's Drug Use and AIDS Risk

Butler, Stephen F. --- Innovative Training Systems
The ASI: A Multimedia Interactive Version

Cashman, John R. --- Seattle Biomedical Research Institute
Combinatorial Pharmacotherapies for Cocaine Dependence

Chang, Kwen-Jen --- Duke University Medical Center
Molecular Basis of Multiple Opioid Receptors

Cheng, Peter Y. --- Cornell University Medical College
ACTH Release by Dynorphin A: Role of NMDA Receptors

Cherek, Don R. --- University of Texas Medical School/Dept. of Psychiatry
Behavioral Mechanism in High Risk Populations

Cohen, Jonathan D. --- Western Psychiatric Institute
Advanced Methods for Neuroimaging Data Analysis

Costello, Elizabeth J. --- Duke University Medical Center
Vulnerability to Drug Abuse: A Test of Competing Models

Crawford, Stephanie Y. --- University of Illinois/Dept. of Pharmacy
Rx Monitoring: Physician Attitudes and Patterns

Devane, William A. --- University of Wisconsin/Dept. of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Anandamide Pharmacology & Endogenous Cannabinoid Ligands

Eissenberg, Thomas E. --- VCU/Center for Drug & Alcohol Studies
Drug Craving: Pharmacologic and Associative Influences

Ellis, Alicja I. --- Essex Consulting, Inc.
Information System for Substance Abuse Practitioners

Elmer, Gregory I. --- Maryland Psychiatric Research Center
Neurobiological Factors in Vulnerability to Opioid Abuse

Evans, Christopher J. --- University of California at Los Angeles
Center for Study of Opioid Receptors and Drugs of Abuse

Falkin, Gregory P. --- National Development & Research Institute
Social Support & HIV Risk: Women Offenders in Recovery

Farrelly, Matthew C. --- Research Triangle Institute
An Analysis of Joint Demand/Alcohol, Tobacco, and Marijuana

Fiorentine, Robert --- UCLA Drug Abuse Research Center
Abuse-Distress Model of Drug Treatment Engagement

Fischman, Marian W. --- Trustees of Columbia University/Health Services Division
IV Cocaine Abuse Treatment: A Laboratory Model

Friedman, Herman --- University of South Florida
Training in Psychoneuroimmunology, AIDS & Drugs of Abuse

Friedman, Herman --- University of South Florida
Marijuana Effects on Immunity: Nature and Mechanisms

George, Frank R. --- Amethyst Technologies, Inc.
Science Education: Neurobiology for Practitioners

Graybiel, Ann M. --- Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Neurobiology of Drugs of Abuse

Gray, Brenda M. --- CSR Inc.
Developing Case Management Crisis Prevention Software

Greenblatt, David J. --- Tufts University
Chronic Benzodiazepines: Behavior and Neurochemistry

Grissom, Grant R. --- Field Diagnostic Services, Inc.
Development of Substance Abuse Relapse Reduction System

Gross, Robert A. --- University of Rochester
Opioid Signaling Pathways and Tolerant State

Gutstein, Howard B. --- University of Michigan
The Role of Erk Signaling in Acute Opioid Tolerance

Hamid, Ansley --- John Jay College of Criminal Justice
International Drug Markets Convergence

Hansen, William B. --- Tanglewood Research, Inc.
Drug Abuse Prevention Tool Kit for Community Groups

Hansen, William B. --- Tanglewood Research, Inc.
Drug Education Through Concept Training for Teachers

Harris, Kristen, M. --- Children's Hospital Corp.
Three Dimensional Structure & Function of Synapse in Brain

Harris, Ruth M. --- University of Maryland/Dept. of Nursing Education
AIDS and Drug Use Prevention for Women in Prison

Havassy, Barbara E. --- University of California at San Francisco
Consequences of Comorbid Drug Abuse & Mental Disorders

Hawkins, J. David --- University of Washington-Social Development Group
Diffusion of State Risk/Protective-Focused Prevention

Hecht, Michael L. --- Pennsylvania State University
Drug Resistance Strategies Minority Project

Hinton, Sean C. --- Duke University/Dept. of Experimental Psychology
Dopaminergic Mechanisms of Interval Timing: fMRI Views

Hoffman, Jeffrey A. --- Danya International Inc.
Vocational Rehabilitation Job Opportunity Enhancer

Hoffman, Jeffrey A. --- Danya International, Inc.
Phases of Treatment

Horgan, Constance M. --- Brandeis University
Drug Abuse Treatment under Managed Care: Role of PPOs

Houghten, Richard A. --- Torrey Pines Institute for Molecular Studies
Small Molecule Orphanin FQ/Nociceptin Receptor Ligands

Inturrisi, Charles E. --- Cornell University Medical College/Dept. of Pharmacology
Pharmacology and Neuroscience of Drug Abuse

Jaffe, Adam J. --- Yale University School of Medicine
Expectancy-Based Coping Skills Therapy

Jerome, Albert --- Personal Improvement Computer System
Computerized Scheduling of Nicotine Gum

Johnston, Lloyd D. --- University of Michigan/Survey Research Center
Drug Use and Lifestyle of American Youth

Justice, Joseph B. --- Emory University/Dept. of Chemistry
Neurochemistry of Drug Abuse

Kanarek, Robin B. --- Tufts University
Actions of Opiate Drugs: Dietary Modulation

Kleber, Herbert D. --- New York State Psychiatric Institute
Opiate Dependence: Combined Naltrexone/behavior Therapy

Kleinman, Paula H. --- Nat. Center for Addiction and Substance Abuse
Promoting Entry to Treatment: A Services Enhancement

Kosofsky, Barry E. --- Massachusetts General Hospital
Cocaine-Altered Brain Growth: Dopamine Knockout Analysis

Kozikowski, Alan P. --- Georgetown University Medical Center
Biological Studies of Piperidine Analogs of Cocaine

Kreek, Mary J. --- Rockefeller University
Treatment of Addictions--Biological Correlates

Kuhn, Donald M. ---Wayne State University
Neurotoxic Amphetamines Radicals & 5HT Neurons

Langenbucher, James --- Rutgers/State University of New Jersey
Nosology of Drug Abuse: Emergent vs Classical Models

Lescrenier, Margaret G. --- Gammex Inc.
Medical Physics System for Testing Resolution of Ultrasound Scanners

Leventhal, Bennett L. --- AACAP
AACAP Physician Scientist Program in Substance Abuse

Lewis, John W. --- University of Bristol-School of Chemistry
Discovery of New Treatments for Drug Abuse

Lewis, Michael --- New Jersey Medical School/Robert W. Johnson Medical School
Developmental Effects of Prenatal Cocaine Exposure

Longshore, Doug Y. --- RAND
Testing-Sustaining Social Influence Model Rural School

Lowy, Franklin D. --- Montefiore Medical Center
Staphylococcal Colonization and Diseases in Drug Users

Luther, Suniya S. --- Apt Foundation, Inc.
Relational Parenting Therapy for Opioid Abusing Mothers

Macenski, Mitchell J. --- University of Texas Health Sciences Center
Mechanisms of Increased Cocaine Self-Administration

Madras, Bertha K. --- Harvard Medical School
Evaluation of Novel Cocaine Medications

Mahata, Sushil K. --- University of California
Chromogranin A: Nicotinic Signaling and Desensitization

Malan, Thomas P., Jr. --- University of Arizona College of Medicine
GABA and Neuropathic Pain

Malcolm, Robert J. --- Medical University of South Carolina
Amlodipine Treatment for Cocaine Dependence

Matt, Georg E. --- San Diego State University/Dept. of Psychology
Improving Self-Reports of Drug Use: A Cognitive Set Model

McEvoy, Joseph P. --- Duke University Medical Center
Smoking, Schizophrenia, and Atypical Antipsychotics

Mckay, James R. --- University of Pennsylvania/ Dept. of Psychiatry
Aftercare for Cocaine Patients: Effectiveness and Costs

Melega, William P. --- Univ. Of California/Lab of Struct. Bio & Mol Med
Brain and Behavior Alterations after Methamphetamine

Meltzer, Peter C. --- Organix Inc.
Discovery of Novel Pharmacotherapies: Cocaine Dependence

Michelson, Stephen A. --- Cyclotec Medical Industries Inc.
Electro-Therapeutic Pain Blocking Splints and Bandages

Mogil, Jeffrey S. --- University of Illinois/Dept. of Psychology
The Genetic Basis of Pain Sensitivity in Mice

Morrison, Diane M. --- University of Washington-School of Social Work
Teen Mothers into Adulthood and the Next Generation

Murphy, E. Hazel --- Allegheny University of the Health Sciences
Prenatal Cocaine Exposure and the GABAergic System

O'Brien, Charles P. --- University of Pennsylvania/Dept. of Psychiatry
Research on Treatment and Prevention of IV Drug Abuse

Oliveto, Alison H. --- Connecticut Mental Health Center/Dept. of Psychiatry
Opioid Antagonist Discrimination: A Model of Withdrawal

Owens, Samuel M. --- University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Antibody-Based Therapy for Methamphetamine Abuse

Pandina, Robert J. --- Rutgers University
Trajectories of Drug Use: Predictors and Adult Outcomes

Paronis, Carol A. --- McLean Hospital/Dept. of Psychiatry
GABAergic Drugs: Behavioral and Abuse-Related Effects

Paulus, Martin P. --- University of California/Dept. of Psychiatry
Effects of Drugs of Abuse on Behavioral Organization

Pettit, Hugh O. --- Delta Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Clinical Applications of Delta Opiate Receptor Ligands

Pitt, Jane --- Columbia University/Dept. of Pediatrics
Women and Infants Transmission Study (WITS III)

Posnett, David N. --- Cornell University Medical Center
HIV-1 Associated Superantigen

Prather, Paul L. --- University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Opioid Control Mechanisms of Signal Transduction

Pyle, Sally J. --- University of North Dakota
Cocaine, G-proteins and Cytoskeleton in Neurite Growth

Quock, Raymond M. --- University of Illinois/Dept. of Biomedical Sciences
Genetic Control of Responsiveness to N20 Antiociception

Rachlin, Howard --- State University of New York
Tests of a Behavioral Theory of Drug Addiction

Rogers, Thomas J. --- Temple University School of Medicine
Opioids and T-Cell Differentiation

Rudnick, Gary --- Yale University School of Medicine/Dept. of Pharmacology
Neurotransmitter Transport

Schoenbaum, Ellie E. --- Montefiore Medical Center
Natural History of HIV Infection in IVDUs

Scura, William C. --- Problem Solving Technologies
Work/Social Skills Training for Drug-Abusing Offenders

Seeman, Philip --- University of Toronto
Receptors Mediating Drug Dependence

Segre, Mariangela --- University of Illinois/Dept. of Veterinary Pathobiology
Is An Anti-Cocaine Idiotypic Vaccine Feasible?

Seiden, Lewis S. --- University of Chicago
Neuropsychopharmacology Training for Drug Abuse Research

Sellers, Edward M. --- University of Toronto/Dept. of Pharmacology
Pharmacogenetic Risk Factors in Drug Abuse: Cyp Variants

Sholomskas, Diane E. --- Applied Behavioral Research
Evaluating Manual-Guided Training in Clinical Settings

Shoptaw, Steven --- LAATRC
Behavioral Therapy for Gay Male Methamphetamine Abusers

Slusher, Barbara S. --- Guilford Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Highthroughput Screening to Identify Cocaine Antagonists

Sorensen, James L. --- San Francisco General Hospital
Medication Management of HIV-Positive Drug Abusers

Spoth, Richard L. --- Social & Behavioral Research
Rural Youth and Family Competencies Building Project

Steely, Donald G. --- Oregon Center for Applied Sciences
Teaching Scientific Decision-making with Drug Abuse Cont

Strakowski, Stephen M. --- University of Cincinnati/Dept. of Psychiatry
Behavioral Sensitization in Humans

Sucholeiki, Irving --- Solid Phase Sciences Corp.
Synthesis of Peptide and Non-peptide Opioid Analogs

Sussman, Steven Y. --- USC Dept. of Preventative Medicine
Drug Use Prevention Programming in Continuation Schools

Thomas, David L. --- Johns Hopkins University
HIV, Drug Use and Hepatitis C Pathogenesis

Toll, Lawrence R. --- SRI International
Biochemical Studies of Opiate Efficacies

Trnovsky, Jan --- One Cell Systems Inc.
Generation of Catalytic Antibodies to Neutralize Cocaine

Trudell, Mark L. --- University of New Orleans/Dept. of Chemistry
Synthesis of Potential Cocaine Abuse Therapeutics

Trujillo, Keith A. --- SCU San Marcos Foundation of California State University
NMDA Receptors & Opiate-Induced Behavioral Plasticity

Vezina, Paul --- University of Chicago/Dept. of Psychiatry
Dopamine Neurotransmission and Amphetamine Sensitization

Vlahov, David --- Johns Hopkins University/Epidemiology Dept.
Baltimore Needle Exchange Program Evaluation

Volkow, Nora D. --- Associated Universities Inc.
PET Studies of Brain Dopamine in Cocaine Abusers

Wakschlag, Lauren S. --- University of Chicago/Dept. of Psychiatry
Prenatal Smoking and Preschool Behavior Problems

Walsh, J. Michael --- Walsh Group, PA
New Training in Detection of Illicit Drugs in Drivers

Wang, Shaomeng --- Georgetown University/Dept. of Neurology
Cocaine Antagonists Through 3D Pharmacophore Searching

Watson, Stanley J. --- University of Michigan
Postdoctoral Training in the Biology of Drug Abuse

Wei, Li-Na --- University of Minnesota/Dept. of Pharmacology
Studies of the Mouse Kappa Opioid Receptor Gene

Wilens, Timothy E. --- Massachusetts General Hospital
Drug Abuse and ADHD in Adults and Their High Risk Offspring

Williams, John T. --- Oregon Health Sciences University
Chronic Morphine: Regulation of Ion Conductances

Wong, Dean F. --- Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine/Dept. of Radiology
Imaging Dopamine-Serotonin Mechanisms in Cocaine Craving

Woolverton, William L. --- University of Mississippi Medical Center
Behavioral Pharmacology of Drug Self-Administration

Wu, Ping --- Research Foundation for Mental Hygiene Inc.
Adolescent Use of Alcohol and Drug Treatment Services

Yu, Lei --- University of Cincinnati
In Vivo Genetic Analysis of Mu Receptor Functions

Review Activities

New Guidelines for Review of Research Grant Applications

OEPR has prepared new guidelines for the review of unsolicited research grant applications, in conformance with the new guidelines released by NIH, effective for submissions on or after October 1, 1997. The guidelines have been provided to Scientific Review Groups (SRGs) and discussed at recent SRG meetings. Training on implementation of the new guidelines was held for NIDA SRAs on January 6, 1998, and the new guidelines will be implemented in the February/March reviews.

Neurosciences Integration Activity

The neurosciences integration activity is nearly completed. Twenty one new study sections have been created, and these have been grouped into three Initial Review Groups (IRGs). Three SRAs, Drs. Mary Custer, Jim Debbas and Syed Husain, and two GTAs, Ms. Sandy Camman and Ms. Sharon Dyson, from NIDA have been reassigned to the Center for Scientific Review (CSR). Reviewers are now being selected and the first review of applications by these new committees will take place in June of 1998 for applications submitted in February/March 1998. More information can be found on the CSR home page (

Training/Q & A Sessions

Dr. Rita Liu organized an information and "question and answer" session on the integration of neuroscience application reviews for the Society for Neuroscience 1997 Annual Meeting in New Orleans.

Dr. Gamil Debbas presented two lectures on extramural procedures and the review of grant applications to the Division of Intramural Research in Baltimore. These lectures were provided to train post doctoral fellows on extramural issues that are often not addressed in NIH intramural programs so that they will be aware of the basics of extramural grants when they leave NIH.

OEPR sponsored a training seminar to update NIDA staff on the ending of the R29 (FIRST award) mechanism and the reasons for that change. Changes in procedures for review of R13 (Conference) applications were also discussed.

NIDA's Conference Grant (R13) Committee

The NIDA-wide committee formed to develop and implement procedures for the review of R13 (Conference Grant) applications continued to meet and define procedures. The first "in house" review of R13 applications was conducted on January 8th. The committee is chaired by Dr. William Grace (OEPR) and is coordinated by Ms. Jackie Porter (OEPR). Members are Drs. Cindy Miner (OSPC), Charles Sharp (DBR), Dorynne Czechowicz (DCSR), Jacques Normand (DEPR), and Jamie Biswas (MDD), as well as Mr. Noble Jones (OoA), and Ms. Catherine Mills (GMB).

New Study Sections

Planning continues for the creation of two new study sections, one for medications development applications and one for career development applications. The career development group will review training, career development, and fellowship applications from across all NIDA scientific areas and will begin operation with the February 1, 1998 application receipt date. Dr. Mark Swieter will be the SRA for that committee. The medications development committee will review applications for the development of new pharmacotherapies for drug abuse. Dr. Khursheed Asghar will be the SRA.

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