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National Institute on Drug Abuse

Director's Report to the National Advisory Council on Drug Abuse

February, 1998

Staff Highlights

Honors and Awards

The following individuals/groups received the NIDA Director's Award in October 1997:

Pamela Goodlow, SPO/OD
Gary Fleming, GMB/OPRM
Gloria Lester, PFMB/OPRM
Tina McDonald-Bennett, IRMB/OPRM
Catherine Mills, GMB/OPRM
Maryann Postorino, MASB/OPRM
Grants Management Branch, OPRM:

  • Debra Battle-Dudley
  • Debra Carle
  • David Fenimore
  • Gary Fleming
  • Diana Haikalis
  • Christine Kidd
  • Mark Lombardi
  • Jack Manischewitz
  • Catherine Mills
  • Le-Hong Nguyen
  • Daisey Parker
  • Deborah Wertz
Robin Mackar, SPB, OSPC
Mary Mayhew, SPB, OSPC
DBR Secretaries Roundtable:
  • Anner Grantham
  • Anne Hannessian
  • Doug Janes
  • Shelly Simmons
Chris Ann Davis, TRB/DCSR
Joseph Frascella, ECNB/DCSR
Lisa Simon Onken, TRB/DCSR
Elizabeth Rahdert, TRB/DCSR
Susan Coyle, CRB/DEPR
Arnold Mills, CRB/DEPR
Naimah Weinberg, ERB/DEPR
Janice Carico, MAB/DIR
Mary Abreu, PTB/MDD
Nora Chiang, CPB/MDD
Joanne Grant, RAB/MDD
Steven Sparenborg, PTB/MDD
Robert Walsh, RAB/MDD

The following individual received a Commissioned Corp Award in October 1997:

Steven Sparenborg -- PHS Achievement Medal

The following individuals/groups received an EEO Award in October 1997:

Dorothea Moon, TRB/DIR
NIDA Special Populations Office/OD:

  • Lula Beatty
  • Mario DeLaRosa
  • Pamela Goodlow
  • Flair Lindsey

The following individuals received awards recognizing 30 Years of Federal Service in October 1997:

Gerald Brodsky, MASB/OPRM
David Fenimore, GMB/OPRM
Joanne Grant, RAB/MDD
Laura Rosenthal, OD/OPRM

Dr. Hari Singh received the Federal Asian Pacific American Council (FAPAC) outstanding service Award in September 1997 in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the FAPAC. He serves as the Chairperson of the FAPAC Constitution & Bylaws committee, and FAPAC Chapter Committee on the National level. Dr. Singh also represents the NIH Asian Pacific Islander Organization at the Council.

Peter Hartsock, Dr. P.H., CRB/DEPR, has been inducted into the St. Petersburg, Russia Society of Scientists and Scholars, in recognition of his 20 years of work helping to build strong research collaborations and partnerships with Russia and the former Soviet Union.

Staff Changes

Ana Anders, formerly of SAMHSA joined NIDA's Special Populations Office on December 7, 1997.

Regina Berthold joined NIDA on December 21, 1997 as a Secretary in the Office of the Director. Ms. Berthold was formerly with the National Cancer Institute.

In November, 1997, Dr. Robert Caudle joined the Behavioral Neurobiology Research Branch in the Division of Basic Research. Dr. Caudle is a neurophysiologist and his program will include neuroadaptive mechanisms. He comes to NIDA from the National Institute of Dental Research where he studied the neurophysiology and pharmacology of opiate receptor mechanisms.

Frank Feustel, formerly with Orkland Corporation joined OPRM's Information Resources Management Branch as a Computer Specialist on October 26, 1997.

Robert "Paul" Freund joined NIDA's Executive Secretariat as an Office Automation Clerk on December 21, 1997.

Jessica Grantling, formerly with the Department of Agriculture, joined NIDA on September 12, 1997 as a Secretary in OSPC's Science Policy Branch.

Penny Holland joined the Public Information Branch of OSPC in December as a writer/editor. Previously, she was a public affairs specialist at SAMHSA's Center for Mental Health Services (CMHS) and FDA's Office of Public Affairs. Her experience includes acting as media officer, writing speeches for the CMHS Director, producing media advisories, organizing exhibit plans, and coordinating publications production. As a part of the publications/marketing team at NIDA, she will be working on expanding marketing efforts for publications and the web site.

Dr. David Shurtleff was selected to serve as Acting Deputy Director in the Division of Basic Research, NIDA.

Dr. Rita Liu has been appointed as the Receipt and Referral Officer for NIDA. In this capacity, she coordinates committee assignments and program referrals within the Institute, and she serves as NIDA's liaison with the Center for Scientific Review.

Monglan "Lana" Le moved from NIDA's Executive Secretariat to the Office of Extramural Program Review in late August where she serves as a Grants Technical Assistant.

Grantee Honors

Edward Kaplan, Ph.D., of the Yale University School of Organization and Management, is the recent recipient of the prestigious Ira V. Hiscock Award, from the Connecticut Public Health Association. Dr. Kaplan was recognized for "his dedication to the linking of innovative research with the application of measures to improve health within the community and to honor his contribution to advancing the scope of public health practice in the interest of improving community and individual health status."

Thomas Wills, Ph.D. was promoted to Professor in the Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology (of Yeshiva University). Dr. Wills was also appointed to the editorial board for Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, the publication of Division 8 of the American Psychological Association.

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