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Director's Report to the National Advisory Council on Drug Abuse - February, 2005

Planned Meetings

National CTN Steering Committee Meetings are planned for the following dates and locations: February 7-9, 2005, San Francisco, California; and April 11-13, 2005, Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina.

A National AE/SAE Workshop will focus on reporting of adverse events in CTN trials will be held on February 11, 2005, following the Steering Committee meeting in San Francisco, CA.

The CTN Data and Safety Monitoring Board will meet March 10-11, 2005 in Rockville, Maryland. The group will review the continuing progress of the CTN's protocols.

An invited session has been organized for the annual meeting of the Society for Clinical Trials, May 22-25, 2005, Portland, Oregon. The topic is on special design challenges in multi-site trials involving behavioral interventions. Paul Wakim, Ph.D., CCTN senior statistician, is chairing the symposium. Planned speakers are: Daniel Feaster, University of Miami School of Medicine; Paula Schnurr, VA National Center for PTSD and Dartmouth Medical School; Rickey Carter, Medical University of South Carolina; and Ellen Hodnett, University of Toronto Faculty of Nursing.

A three-day CIDI (Composite International Diagnostic Interview) Train the Trainer program will be held February 10-12, 2005, in San Francisco, CA.

Dr. Jag Khalsa of DPMC will present a mini-symposium on "Management of Hepatitis C Infection in Drug Users" at the Annual Conference of the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM), Dallas, TX, April 15-17, 2005. Drs. Richard Garfein (CDC), Ramesh Ganju (Harvard), Charles Hinkin (UCLA), and Diana Sylvestre (UCSF) will present epidemiology, pathogenesis, psychiatric consequences, and treatment complications of HCV among IDUs.

Dr. Jag Khalsa of DPMC will present a mini-symposium on "The Role of Drugs of Abuse in AIDS Disease Progression" at the Annual Meeting of the Society of NeuroImmune Pharmacology (SNIP), April 8, 2005, Clear Water, FL. Drs. Maria Prins (Amsterdam, The Netherlands), Dr. Robert Muga (Spain), and Dr. David Vlahov (USA) will present data from their AIDS/IDU cohorts and discuss the impact of drug abuse on HIV/AIDS disease progression.


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