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Director's Report to the National Advisory Council on Drug Abuse
February, 2001

Extramural Policy and Review Activities

Review Meetings

During this Council cycle, the Office of Extramural Affairs (OEA) arranged and managed fifteen committee meetings for review grant applications and seven for review of contract proposals. In addition, 24 contract concepts were reviewed.

The reviews for NIDA's chartered committees were held, which include NIDA-E (Treatment Review Committee), NIDA-F (Health Services Review Committee), NIDA-L (Medications Development Committee), and NIDA-K (Training Committee). Five Special Emphasis panels were also held to review applications in conflict with the chartered committees. Four Special Emphasis Panels were constituted for reviews of specific mechanisms: program projects, centers, B/STARTs, and conference grants. Two meetings were held for RFA reviews, as follows:

DA-01-001 Cognitive Approaches to Addictive Processes
DA-01-002 Development of Behavioral Methods for Drug Abuse Studies in the Mouse

The Contracts Review Branch, OEA, managed the following reviews of proposals:

N01DA-0-1200 National Hispanic Science Network
(SBIR Topic 032)
Dosage Form Development
N01DA-1-1104 Technical and Logistical Support for OSPC
(SBIR Topic 035)
Instrument Development for Assessing Community Factors that Affect Drug Use Consequences
(SBIR Topic 033)
Develop Drug Abuse Screening/Assessment and Intervention for Youth for Primary Care/Managed Care Providers
(SBIR Topic 009)
Chemical Libraries for Drug Development
(SBIR Topic 037)
Novel Drug Delivery System for the Mouse

In addition, the Contracts Review Branch is currently planning and managing the reviews of an additional thirteen Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract projects. These reviews are expected to be completed by March, 2001.

Staff Training and Policy Development

The OEA Symposium Series met monthly to provide a forum for staff exchange of ideas and training related to extramural administration. In September, Mr. Robert Walsh, Division of Treatment Research and Development, NIDA, presented "The Emerging Role of Data and Safety Monitoring Boards." October's session was devoted to topics raised by the participants, followed by a case study on conference grants. Ms. Michelle Muth, Office of Science Policy and Communications, NIDA, led a discussion in November of NIDA's efforts to disseminate the results of its research. The final session of the year was an update on policy and procedure changes at NIH. Dr. William C. Grace, Deputy Director, OEA, coordinates the symposium series.

OEA hosted a seminar, "The NIH Freedom of Information Office," in October. Ms. Susan Cornell, NIH Freedom of Information Officer, and Ms. Connie Caldwell, NIH Freedom of Information Act Specialist, discussed the Freedom of Information Act and recent revisions to Office of Management and Budget Circular A110.

OEA coordinated an internal working group that developed policies for distributing e-mail to large numbers of non-Federal recipients. This group will continue to work with staff to ensure coordination of large distributions.

A training session for consumer representatives serving as reviewers of NIDA grant applications was held on January 25, 2000. Dr. Mark Green, Chief, Clinical, Epidemiological, and Applied Sciences Review Branch, OEA, organized the training with assistance from Ms. Lana Le, Grants Technical Assistant, OEA.

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