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National Institute on Drug Abuse

Director's Report to the National Advisory Council on Drug Abuse

February, 2000

Review Activities

Grant/Contract Reviews

OEPR organized and managed thirteen grant review committees and subcommittees in this cycle. These included the chartered meetings: Treatment Review, Health Services Review, Training and Career Development Review, and the Medication Development Review. In addition, review meetings for Centers, Program Projects, the Strategic Program for Innovative Research on Cocaine (and Other Psychomotor Stimulants) Addiction Pharmacotherapy (SPIRCAP), B-START, and Minority Institutions Drug Abuse Research Development Program were organized and managed.

Contract reviews were held for a number of NIDA initiatives. Reviews for the Archway Drug Treatment Clinic, which supports services at the Intramural Research Program, were completed, as were reviews for a contract to provide technical and logistical support assistance for the NIDA Center on AIDS and Other Medical Consequences (CAMCODA) and a contract to provide support for the International Visiting Scientist and Technical Exchange (INVEST) Fellowships. Reviews were held in January for the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program. NIDA announced interest in receiving SBIR proposals in the following thirteen areas, and proposals were received in response to twelve of the topics:

  • Drug Supply Services Support

  • Chemical Libraries for Drug Development

  • Analytical Techniques Program

  • Computerized Neuropsychological Testing Software

  • Development of Improved HIV Risk Behavior Questionnaire

  • Develop Prevention Research Dissemination

  • Design and Construction of a Multi-environment, Multi-choice Rodent Testing Apparatus

  • Measurement Modules for Prevention Interventions

  • Web-Based Visualization and Analysis of DNA Micro-Array Data

  • Kits for DNA Micro-Array Technology

  • Antibodies for Neuroscience Research

  • Telemedicine

  • Prevention Training

Each topic requires a separate review meeting.

NIDA Referral Guidelines

Dr. Rita Liu, NIDA's Receipt and Referral Officer, completed the coordination and writing of new NIDA programmatic referral guidelines that provide guidance for the Center for Scientific Review as it determines which NIH Institute receives unsolicited applications and that clarifies areas of overlapping interest with other NIH Institutes. Representatives from all NIDA Offices and Divisions participated in the development of this document, in particular Drs. Charlie Sharp, Jamie Biswas, Meyer Glantz, Sandy Genser, Joe Frascella, Lisa Onken , and David Shurtleff made large contributions.

Updated FAQs

OEPR updated and expanded the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for NIDA's web site. The FAQs cover a broader range of information than previously and are more comprehensive in addressing anticipated needs.

Updated PAs for R03 and P01

OEPR updated the NIDA wide program announcements for small grants (R03 mechanism) and the program and review guidelines for program projects (P01 mechanism). These updates clarify information for applicants, staff, and reviewers, consolidating the information in a single document.

OEPR Symposium Series

The OEPR Symposium Series, a forum for staff development, continued in September, October, and November. Major topics included receipt dates for application submissions, streamlined review procedures, supplements, and review integration. The series will continue in January. Dr. William C. Grace, Deputy Director, OEPR, manages the symposium series.

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