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National Institute on Drug Abuse

Director's Report to the National Advisory Council on Drug Abuse

February, 2000

Staff Highlights


NIDA Director's Awards (Individual)

Dr. Jonathan Pollock, DNBR, was recognized for his important contributions to the development of NIDA and NIH-wide programs especially in the area of genetics as well as molecular biology, and developmental neuroscience.

Ms. Elizabeth Lambert, DESPR, was recognized for her outstanding contributions in support of the programmatic, scientific, and administrative activities of the Community Research Branch.

Ms. Ann Hutzler, DESPR, was recognized for her significant role in enhancing the quality of worklife and advancing understanding and collaboration among Division staff.

Dr. Eric Moolchan, IRP, was recognized for his innovation and leadership in the adolescent smoking cessation protocol which created an opportunity for NIDA to focus clinical treatment research on the under served adolescent population.

Dr. Roy Wise, IRP, was recognized for his outstanding accomplishments to a series of significant studies of fluctuations of nucleus accumbens dopamine during intravenous self-administration of cocaine, amphetamine and heroin.

Dr. James Terrill, DTR&D, was recognized for his exceptional initiative and leadership in shaping and directing the NIDA Toxicology Program and coordinating it with related chemistry, pharmacokinetic, and clinical efforts within the Division.

Dr. Jane Acri, DTR&D, was recognized for her superb skill and leadership in shaping and directing NIDA's preclinical medication discovery programs.

Ms. Pamela Goodlow, SPO, was recognized for her outstanding management and coordination of the logistics contract which supports the majority of the workshops and meeting sponsored by the Special Populations Office.

Mr. Berhane Yitbarek, IRMB/OPRM, was recognized for his initiative and self-reliance in continuing to provide a high level of technical and administrative ADP support to NIDA staff.

Ms. Donna Tolson and Ms. Traci Pelan, MASB/OPRM, were recognized for their cooperative attitude, reliability and a willingness to help staff accomplish the many varied administrative activities of the Institute.

Dr. Khursheed Asghar, OEPR, was recognized for his significant scientific leadership, resourcefulness and competence in meeting the objectives of NIDA's medications development initiatives.

Dr. Susan Coyle, OEPR, was recognized for her resourcefulness, competence, and innovativeness in the complex reviews of the applications for the Clinical Trials Network.

Ms. Niki Andrews, OSPC, was recognized for her outstanding leadership in managing the diverse and often complex operations of the Office of Science Policy and Communications.

Dr. Cindy Miner, OSPC was recognized for her extraordinary responsibility and dedication to improving and increasing the research training program.

NIDA Director's Awards (Group)

Office of Extramural Program Review Team was recognized for their initiative, competence and great teamwork in contributing to the successful reviews of all applications assigned to OEPR:

Ms. Kimberly Crown
Ms. Camilla Holland
Ms. Monglan Le
Ms. Jacqueline Porter
Ms. Pamela Stokes
Ms. Diana Souder
Ms. Marilyn Thomas
Mr. Randolph Williams

NIDA Move Committee was recognized for their role in NIDA's two-year move project while continuing to carry out the duties of their positions. The outstanding work performed by these individuals resulted in a smooth and highly efficient move.

Stephen R. Gane, OPRM
Suzanne M. Cole, OPRM
Donna Tolson, OPRM
Traci Z. Pelan, OPRM
Pamela L. Oliver, OD
Janice F. Walden, OD
Flair A. Lindsey, SPO
Jacqueline R. Porter, OEPR
Pamela K. Stokes, OEPR
Gloria J. Fox, DTR&D
Joseph Frascella, DTR&D
Joyce A. Williams, DNBR
M. Beth G. Babecki, DNBR
Carol A. Cushing, DTR&D
Dorothy J. Grant, DTR&D
Lajuan B. Beckham, DTR&D
Melanie A. Pickett, DESPR
Ann R. Hutzler, DESPR
Kathy E. Etz, DESPR
James D. Colliver, Jr., DESPR
Elizabeth Cooper, DESPR
Carol A. Cornwell, OPRM
Catherine Mills, OPRM
Dale S. Weiss, OPRM
Joanna D. Mourtzanakis, OPRM
Rosemary C. Pettis, EEO
Carole N. Andrews, OSPC
Monica L. Jones, OSPC
John E. Nagy, OSPC
Terry J. King, OPRM
Gerald S. Brodsky, OPRM
Earle A. Stalfort, Jr., OPRM
Maryann P. Postorino, OPRM
Bridget A. Wells, OPRM
Chanvadey D. Nhim, OPRM
Montrue E. Nelson, OPRM
David C. Jones, OPRM
Joseph O. Reckley, OPRM
Tina Mcdonald-Bennett, OPRM
Frank H. Feustel, OPRM
Marguerite M. Lewis, OPRM
Berhane Yitbarek, OPRM

1999 NIDA EEO Awards

Dr. Hari Singh, DNBR, was recognized for his active and enthusiastic support in assisting the NIH Office of Equal Employment and the Director of the Institutes to promote managing diversity, affirmative action and other OEO actions.

Ms. Pam Oliver, ES/OD, was recognized for her support of the EEO advisory committee. Pam has served on the NIDA equal employment opportunity advisory committee for the past 2 years and was recently elected as chairperson in April 1999.

NIDA Picnic Committee: This award is to recognize the IRP staff who worked tirelessly to plan, organize, and host the 3rd annual NIDA picnic.

Mr. Brian Alston
Ms. Cindy Ambriz
Ms. Christie Brannock
Ms. Janis Diven
Mr. Morgan Dubrow
Ms. Lena Eads
Ms. Anne Gupman
Ms. Linda Kazlo
Ms. Erin Manor
Mr. James Mckenzie
Ms. Dorothea Moon
Ms. Mary Pfeiffer
Ms. Mary Jane Robinson

Commissioned Corps Awards

Commendation Medal

Dr. Betty Tai, DTR&D, was recognized for her exceptional contributions in designing and implementing the Strategic Program for Innovative Research on Cocaine Addiction Pharmacotherapy (SPIRCAP).

Achievement Medal

Ms. Leslie Cooper, DESPR, was recognized for contributing significantly to NIDA's goal for increasing the participation of Historically Black Colleges and Universities in drug abuse research.

Dr. Ahmed M. Elkashef, DTR&D, was recognized for organizing The Bronchial Asthma/ Cocaine meeting.

Ms. Janice Carico, IRP, was recognized for chairing the Policy Committee that wrote the NDA/IRP confidentiality policy and continuing commitment to maintaining confidentiality of clinical and research information.

PHS Citation

Dr. Paul J. Na, IRP, was recognized for performing controlled substance audits in an exemplary and highly professional manner.

Crisis Response Service Award

Ms. Janice Carico, IRP, was recognized for participating in the crisis PHS interventions at Fort Dix, New Jersey and at Tinian, Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands.

Other Honors/Awards

Dr. Kathy Etz, PRB, DESPR, as a member of the Reporting Committee of the Federal Interagency Forum on Child and Family Statistics Team, received Vice President Gore's Hammer award from the National Partnership for Reinventing Government. The team was recognized for its work on America's Children: Key National Indicators of Well-Being.

Dr. Jerry Flanzer, SRB, DESPR was appointed for a two year term as the Chair of the National Steering Committee of the Alcohol, Tobacco and Drug Section of the National Association for Social Workers.

Dr. Lula Beatty, Chief, Special Populations Office was elected to the Committee on Women in Psychology, American Psychological Association in November 1999. This is one of the governance committees in the Public Interest Directorate.

Dr. Susan Boyd, Clinical Fellow, IRP, won the 1999 Addiction Award for best scholarly paper prepared by a physician fellow in addiction. The award is sponsored by the American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry (AAAP) in collaboration with the American Society of Addiction Medicine and the Association for Medical Education and Research in Substance Abuse. Dr. Boyd received the award and presented her paper ("The relationship between parental history and substance use severity in drug treatment patients") at the annual meeting of AAAP December 2-5, 1999.

Dr. Amy Newman, IRP, was honored by the Japanese Pharmaceutical Society with the 1998 Sato International Memorial Award. She was invited to present a talk entitled "Novel Probes for the Dopamine Transporter" on her research at the 119th Annual Meeting of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan, in Tokushima in March 1999.

Staff Changes

Brenda Fogel joined OSPC in November 1999 as a Program Analyst. Prior to joining NIDA, Ms. Fogel worked for Naval Surface Warfare Center (formerly David Taylor Model Basin) in the Human Resources office assisting the Human Resources Director and Deputy Director with various human resources projects. Ms. Fogel is responsible for assisting the Deputy Director, OSPC with the day-to-day administrative functions of the Office as well as handling special projects for the OD/OSPC.

Ivan Montoya, M.D. joined NIDA's Division of Treatment Research and Development as a Special Expert on December 6, 1999. Dr. Montoya's work will be primarily with the Clinical Trials Network. Dr. Montoya received his M.D. from the University of Antioquia in Columbia and holds an M.P.H. from Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Montoya was a resident at St. Vincent Hospital, Columbia, and the University of Maryland Hospital, Baltimore. Prior to joining DTR&D he was a visiting fellow at the NIDA IRP, a consultant for WHO, and, most recently, served as Director, Practice Research Network, American Psychiatric Association.

Lanette Palmquist joined OSPC in November 1999 as a Program Analyst and Special Assistant to the Associate Director, NIDA. Prior to joining NIDA, Ms. Palmquist was a Program Analyst in the Office of Science Policy at the National Center for Research Resources, NIH for 8 years. Ms. Palmquist is responsible for assisting the Associate Director with policy analysis and preparing slides and talking points for presentations by the Associate Director.

Rebecca Rasooly, Ph.D., joined NIDA's Division of Neuroscience and Behavioral Research on August 29, 1999. Most recently, before coming to NIDA, Dr. Rasooly was Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine working as the Assistant Deputy Scientific Director for OMIM, one of the National Library of Medicine's on-line suite of databases describing human genes. Dr. Rasooly received her Ph.D. in genetics from Michigan State University and carried out post-doctoral work at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

Carmen Luz Rosa joined NIDA's Division of Treatment Research and Development as a Clinical Trials Specialist on September 12, 1999. Before coming to NIDA Carmen was with the Department of the Navy.

Meg Scofield joined the staff of OSPC's Public Information Liaison Branch in December 1999, as a Program Analyst. Ms. Scofield will work on a variety of communication projects involving writing, editing, working with the media, publication production, and project marketing. Previously, Ms. Scofield was the program coordinator for the clinical director, National Eye Institute. She received her M.A. in writing from Johns Hopkins University.

Tony Simon, Ph.D. joined NIDA's CAMCODA in August 1999 on a Science and Engineering Fellowship from the Society for Research in Child Development /American Association for the Advancement of Science. Dr. Simon is a developmental cognitive neuroscientist who was trained in Britain and has held research and teaching positions at Carnegie Mellon University and Georgia Institute of Technology. He is leading a NIDA initiative toward pediatric neuroimaging assessments of prenatal and early drug exposure effects on brain and behavioral development.

Keith Van Wagner joined the Science Policy Branch, OSPC in August 1999 and is the new project officer for the NIDA Science Meetings contract. Prior to joining OSPC, Mr. Van Wagner earned his Masters in Public Administration from North Carolina State and participated in the Presidential Management Intern program. Mr. Van Wagner will also participate in legislative and congressional activities.

Emma Williams joined NIDA's Budget Office in September 1999 as a Budget Analyst. Prior to coming to NIDA Ms. Williams was with the National Human Genome Research Institute.

Lucinda Miner, Ph.D. was recently appointed as Deputy Chief, Science Policy Branch, OSPC. Dr. Miner has been with NIDA for approximately 7 years and has been with the Science Policy Branch since late 1996. Dr. Miner also serves as the Deputy Coordinator for NIDA's Research Training program.

Dr. Amy Newman was awarded tenure at NIDA-IRP in March 1999 and was named the Chief of Medicinal Chemistry Section in the newly formed Medications Discovery Branch, shortly thereafter.

Dr. Monique Ernst was appointed as Staff Physician in the Neuroimaging Branch, IRP in October 1999.

Dr. Andrew G. Horti was appointed as Staff Scientist in the Neuroimaging Branch, IRP in November 1999.

Ann Blanken, Deputy Director since 1989 and currently Acting Director, Division of Epidemiology, Services, and Prevention Research, National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) retired from federal service December 31,1999. Joining NIDA as a statistician in 1975, Ms. Blanken was involved in the development and management of national data collection systems and in the monitoring of patterns and trends in drug abuse; she subsequently served in numerous positions of increasing responsibility and note. She has played many important roles in the furthering of NIDA's research programs and worked tirelessly to facilitate and improve the function of the division. It is with sincere appreciation that the Institute and the staff thank Ms. Blanken for her unstinting dedication, her many accomplishments, and her unceasing commitment and caring for the staff and the mission of the Institute.

Mr. Richard A. Millstein, NIDA Deputy Director, is also serving as the Acting Director of NIDA's Division of Epidemiology, Services and Prevention Research, effective January 1, 2000.

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