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Behavioral Therapies Development Program - Career Development Awards

Independent Scientist Awards (K02)

Psychotherapy of Substance Abuse Disorders

Carroll, Kathleen; Yale University

During the term of support from this Research Scientist Development Award, Dr. Carroll will serve as Principal Investigator on two projects designed to advance knowledge on the effectiveness of psychosocial treatments for substance use disorders. The first project, Matching and Maintenance Treatments for Cocaine Dependence, is a randomized clinical trial with 200 ambulatory cocaine abusers. This project will prospectively test the hypothesis that more severely dependent cocaine abusers will have better outcomes when treated with cognitive-behavioral coping skills therapy (Relapse Prevention) over a less structured, supportive approach (Interpersonal Psychotherapy). In addition, this project will evaluate the value of maintenance therapy as a strategy to improve the durability of the effects of brief psychotherapeutic approaches for cocaine abuse. Subjects who complete the initial twelve-week course of treatment and whose cocaine use has improved over pretreatment levels are being randomly assigned to either (1) maintenance treatment, consisting of continuing their study treatment (Relapse Prevention or IPT) on a less frequent basis for six months, or (2) monthly assessment only for six months.

The second project, CRA and Naltrexone for Opioid Dependence uses a dismantling strategy to evaluate whether outcomes for naltrexone treatment can be enhanced through combining it with behavioral incentives and reciprocal relationship counseling. One hundred and eighty recently detoxified opioid addicts were randomly assigned to either (1) contingency management plus significant other involvement in addition to standard naltrexone treatment, (2) contingency management in addition to standard naltrexone treatment, or (3) standard naltrexone treatment alone, consisting of thrice weekly clinic visits for naltrexone, thrice weekly supervised urine toxicology screens, and weekly group counseling.

Treatment of Drug Dependence and Psychiatric Illness

Weiss, Roger; McLean Hospital

The primary aim of this grant is to further the applicant's scientific development in the area of treatment of drug dependent patients, particularly those who are "dually diagnosed" with drug abuse and coexisting psychiatric illness. The major hypothesis guiding Dr. Weiss's research is that careful study of the relationship between substance use disorders and specific psychiatric disorders will inform and enhance treatment methods for dually diagnosed patients.

The following funded projects are currently being pursued by Dr. Weiss: 1) a Stage 1 NIDA Behavioral Therapies Development Project to develop a relapse prevention group therapy manual for patients with coexisting bipolar disorder and substance use disorder; 2) the NIDA Collaborative Cocaine Treatment study, a multi-site randomized controlled trial, comparing 4 different behavioral treatments for cocaine dependent outpatients; and 3) a Stage 1 NIDA Behavioral Therapies Development study to develop and pilot-test a group cognitive-behavioral treatment manual for women with posttraumatic stress disorder and substance use disorder. Dr. Weiss will expand his research capabilities by integrating his clinical research with pre-clinical investigations conducted by investigators with complementary areas of research expertise. He will also be Co-investigator or Consultant on other studies of comorbid substance use disorder and mood disorders, and consult at the Boston site of the NIDA/VA Medication Development project. Finally, Dr. Weiss will mentor young investigators who bring their expertise in other areas (e.g., neuroscience) to bear on drug abuse research projects.

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